The Time Table System allows the educators to schedule the classes for students and manage the entire learning process. It helps the students at great extent to match the training curve offered by your institute. It helps to reduce the possible wastage of time and enhance the performance of the entire system.

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System
  • Timetable System allows the learners and teachers to setup timetable online and helps them manage to work without hard copies stacking up at their desk!
  • The Education Timetable Generator for Learning Management System allows monthly reports to be generated permitting to keep check on constant progress.
  • HashMicro Timetable Generator allows multiple customized constraints to be taken into account and generate.
  • The Timetable Generator software uses an easy to understand user interface. Hence new users can quickly learn the navigation and spend time in productive engagements.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore's Timetable Generator Software Features:

  • Multi Student Batch Management
  • Venue Types Management
  • Room Equipments Management
  • Courses & Modules Management
  • Lecturer Availability Settings
  • Customized Constraint Settings
  • Constraint Priority Management
  • Timetable Integration with Google Calendar
  • Multi Classes View
  • Multi Timetable Generation & Management
Singapore School Timetable Generator Software System
Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System


The students can check the availability of a lecturer or professor in the system and utilize the quality time to discuss and seek clarification on any possible queries. This is the most beneficial tool for the students to save their time and make it more useful.

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System


The system permits various timetables to be created for different batches thus fulfilling custom needs for the batches and classes. There’s no chance of confusion because the schedule of one class or group can never be mixed with the others’ schedule as system displays separate timetable for every individual group.

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System

Priority Setting

Set different priorities on different constraints to generate the perfect timetable. HashMicro Singapore Education Timetable Generation Software can then calculate what is the best case to generate the timetable based on the constraints & priorities assigned.

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System


There might be various scenarios for the admin to prepare the timetables for different venues and events. To avoid any kind of uncertainty for the students and staff members, Education inventory system Singapore allows you to create and view separate schedule or timetable for various individual events and venues beyond the limits!

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System


The system does not restricts you from modifying the timetable per your need. This is very useful for creating timetables which cater to personal needs. Hence faculty members may be allowed by the admin to make any change in their timetables.

Singapore Education School Timetable Generator Software System


Comparing the classes is easy with the multi-class table view option while using Education inventory system Singapore. The students can check different classes and timetables at the same time using the multi class view.

HashMicro Singapore Timetable Generator Software can be integrated with other HashMicro Systems or customized to increase the flexibility and usability for the product. The add-on modules provide well integrated features and can benefit every individual system according to the particular needs.

Singapore School Education Learning Management Software System
  • The system can be integrated to match the schedules. This makes the learning planning much easier to understand and manage.
  • The School Timetable Generator allows admins to generate based on the details drawn from the Learning Management System to remove double entry.
  • Students & Parents can then login to view their timetable generated from the system.

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