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Sell smarter, faster, and more effectively. Boost your sales team productivity with Singapore's most complete Sales Management System!

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The Benefits of a Sales Management System

Sales Management System Singapore
Sales Management System Singapore

Get Paid On Time!

Optimize your cash flow through timely payment of customer invoices with the help of automated reminder settings.

Sales Management System Singapore

Optimized Sales Process

Minimize manual processes that waste time and focus on increasing sales conversions!

Sales Management System Singapore
Sales Management System Singapore

In-Depth Analysis

Figure out your effective and ineffective marketing efforts by identifying your lead sources.

Sales Management System Singapore

Improved Accuracy

Calculate sales commissions accurately based on sales targets achieved by each salesperson.

The Main Features of CRM-Sales

Sales Management System Singapore

Quotation & Sales Order Management

You can create different quotations for multiple leads, convert them to sales orders, and generate invoices instantly using one system.

Sales Management System Singapore

Price List

Create a different price list for each prospect and send quotations based on the specified price lists through the system.

Sales Management System Singapore

Sales Target Management

Get your sales targets defined more clearly, assign tasks to the right sales reps, and monitor the progress made by each salesperson.

Sales Management System Singapore

Payment Follow-Up

With automated follow-up reminders, your sales reps can easily track unpaid invoices and send reminders to customers via email.

Sales Management System Singapore

Sales Commission Management

Our system saves time by automating the calculation of commissions for each sales force based on the targets they have achieved.

Sales Management System Singapore

In-Depth Analytics

Generate comprehensive sales analytic reports that can be viewed in various formats, such as pivots, line charts, pie charts, and bars.

CRM-Sales System Integration

Accounting System

Integrating the Sales & Lead Management System with the Accounting System will help you better control and analyze sales expenses.

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Purchasing System

The Purchasing System makes it easier for the sales team to submit purchase requests for goods/services to ensure the smooth running of sales operations.

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Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System helps the sales team know the availability of goods and provide the right information to prospects and customers.

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CRM-Leads System

Sales and CRM-Leads integration will enable you to identify the best prospects, estimate revenue, define lead stages, and many more.

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HRM System

The HRM System automates the calculation of salaries, commissions, incentives, and allowances. It helps you analyze your sales team performance as well!

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Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

We provide various types of support, from free consultations and blueprints to training and user manuals, ensuring that your software is runs smoothly.
Our solutions are very comprehensive and designed for 15 industries. Our ERP system offers unlimited user licenses. Therefore, it can be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost.
We provide ready-made software that continually improves our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
Yes, our software has a mobile version to help you run your business better. Our mobile apps cover various functions, depending on the modules you are using.
EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through the internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
We use PostgreSQL database management system, which ensures data security and scalable performance for many of simultaneous users.
We use Python, one of the most popular programming languages, to develop our software programs.
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crm sales software

CRM sales software is software that aims to control and increase sales in the company. Companies can see all sales transactions they do based on this software. This makes them know what products are much in demand by the public

The greater the company, the greater the transactions they get. This will make the company required to use a sales system to track how many transactions they can achieve every day. It is also useful to find out how their company's performance is every day

Sales applications can provide an overview of the manager about what decisions he can make to improve his company. In addition, the sales application is also beneficial to provide an overview of the company's daily performance based on transactions.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy that combines processes, humans and technology. Helps attract sales prospects, convert them into customers, and maintain existing customers, satisfied and loyal customers



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