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Robust ERP Software for Project-based Industry

ERP System for Project-based Industry allows you to manage projects efficiently, process all progress, and absorb the budget optimally to make sure that the project is completed as planned.

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Project-based ERP Modules

Here are the main components of our Project-based ERP software.

CRM-Leads System

  • Pipeline management with Kanban view
  • Tender progress tracking
  • Follow-up reminder
  • Quotation management
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ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Project Management System

  • Project monitoring dashboard
  • Cost and budgeting management
  • Timesheet & invoice management
  • Task and deadline management
  • Project reporting in Gantt Chart & S-Curve
  • Project template management
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ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Manufacturing System

  • Production planning management
  • Bill of material calculation
  • Work center management
  • Production planning with Gantt chart view
  • Work in progress tracking
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) optimization
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ERP System for Engineering Singapore

Procurement System

  • Purchase order & purchase request management
  • Purchase tender management
  • Vendor portal management
  • Work order management
  • Vendor payment milestone
  • Vendor rating
  • Accurate procurement reporting
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ERP System for Engineering Singapore

Fleet Management System

  • Fleet database management
  • Integrated with the GPS tracker
  • Vehicle service alert
  • Vehicle depreciation calculation
  • Maintenance request management
  • Fuel usage tracking
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ERP System for Engineering Singapore

Accounting System

  • User-friendly financial dashboard
  • Profit tracking per contract
  • Asset depreciation calculation
  • Budgeting management
  • Accrual and amortization calculation
  • Cash flow prediction
  • Accurate financial reporting
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ERP System for Engineering Singapore

HRM System

  • Shift management
  • Overtime calculation
  • Leave and expense management
  • KPI management
  • Payroll management
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ERP System for Engineering Singapore

Timesheet Management System

  • Integrated with the Attendance System
  • Project tracking per hour and per task
  • Timesheet submission and approval
  • Invoice generation per timesheet
  • Accurate reporting
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Sistem ERP Berbasis Proyek Indonesia

The Best ERP System for Project-Based Industry

Our ERP system consists of various enterprise-class solutions that can be customized to meet the unique needs of the project-based sector.

ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Increasing Sales

  • Efficient leads management
  • Monitored sales team performance
  • Automated sales report generation
ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Improving Customer Management

  • Centralized customers’ data
  • Improved customer segmentation
  • Anticipated future inquiries
ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Managing Finance Accurately

  • Well-tracked profit & loss
  • Real-time financial report
  • Fast bank reconciliation
ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Increasing Procurement Efficiency

  • Controlled procurement costs
  • Easily managed purchase requests & orders
  • Automated order placement
ERP System for Project-Based Industry Singapore

Improving Project Management

  • Improved decision-making
  • Smooth interdepartmental collaboration
  • Controlled budget

What Makes Us Different

Unlimited User

Unlimited User

Our software can be used by as many users as possible within the same entity at no additional cost.

Best Business Practices

Best Business Practices

We implement best practices that help us achieve objectives, ensure smooth implementation and meet clients’ expectations.

Innovative Development

Innovative Development

We keep on innovating by updating & developing our systems, providing new solutions for more industries.

Professional Experts

Professional Experts

Our team consists of in-house business & tech experts who happily provide full support for our clients.

Customizable & Configurable

Customizable and Configurable

Each of our solution is configurable and customizable according to your business structure, category, goals, and unique requirements.


Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

We provide various types of support, from free consultations and blueprints to training and user manuals, ensuring that your software is runs smoothly.
Our solutions are very comprehensive and designed for 15 industries. Our ERP system offers unlimited user licenses. Therefore, it can be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost.
We provide ready-made software that continually improves our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
Yes, our software has a mobile version to help you run your business better. Our mobile apps cover various functions, depending on the modules you are using.
EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through the internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
We use PostgreSQL database management system, which ensures data security and scalable performance for many of simultaneous users.
We use Python, one of the most popular programming languages, to develop our software programs.
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Project Management Software?

Project Management Software to help businesses and individuals track projects, tasks, and schedules. This is a good way to stay orderly and make sure your team remains in the task

The management project system can make it easier for all team members to know what they have to do and when it is implemented. Collaboration of members available in the system will also ensure that the whole team knows the progress or setbacks that occur. Software Management Projects can make it easier for the team to achieve the goals they want. This will accelerate the development of the company for the better than before

Project Management Software makes it easy for companies to oversee the performance of the field teams so that the company's goals are achieved. In addition, the Project Management System also makes it easy for the team and companies to find out what plans they have to do on that day and what the KP is

It’s secure to say that an extended administration computer program has the potential to progress commerce operations. It can be exceptionally valuable for those who need to streamline their extended administration forms & make strides in group collaboration (particularly when working remotely). Disappointment to coordinate such program, on the other hand, can cause companies to drop brief in key venture ranges such as budget, scope, quality, & group relations.

  1. Marketing Agency
    If there's one industry that really needs a project management tool, it's agency marketing. Project management software allows marketers to run campaigns efficiently. At the start of a campaign, marketers have to go through an intensive brainstorming process and these tools can be applied right from the start. Managers can start assigning tasks to specific members using the tool so they don't forget what tasks need to be done next. This is important because marketing campaigns require efforts from multiple disciplines.
  2. Education
    The hardest part of being a teacher is planning an entire year of lessons in multiple classes. With project management software, teachers can easily create schedules to follow, allowing them to provide workflows for students to follow.
  3. Construction
    Building a skyscraper from scratch is tricky; These towering structures are usually built with crews exceeding the hundreds and can take several years to complete. Without the right guidance and tools, the end product can be poor and the project itself can take longer than usual.
  4. Video game development
    The video game industry has grown rapidly since the early 1950s. What were once poor quality pixels are now closer to reality. With the growth of the industry came the complexity of the work required to develop a game.
  5. Information technology
    IT is a broad field of activity that includes digital security management and even program development. In terms of scope of work, project management software is best used in industry as professionals track different types of work for their teams. For all of its uses in information technology, perhaps software's best use can be seen during a project related to improving security at a given facility. The IT team is often responsible for ensuring assets are protected from breaches and hackers.
  6. Manufacturing.
  7. Retail.
  8. Education.
  9. Government Agencies.
  10. Information Technology.
  11. Bank and insurance.

  1. Project Initiation
    The project initiation stage is the first step in turning an abstract idea into a meaningful goal. At this point, you need to develop a business case and define the project at a high level. To do this, you need to determine the project requirements and create a project charter.
  2. Project planning
    The project planning stage requires full due diligence as it establishes the roadmap for the project. Unless you use modern project management methodologies such as agile project management, the second phase of project management should take up almost half of the total project duration.
  3. Project execution
    The project execution phase is where your team does the actual work. As a project manager, your job is to create an efficient workflow and closely monitor your team's progress.

    Another responsibility of the project manager during this phase is to constantly maintain effective collaboration between project stakeholders. This ensures that everyone stays on the same page and the project runs smoothly.
  4. Project monitoring and control
    In the project management process, the third and fourth phases are not sequential. The monitoring and control phase of the project takes place at the same time as the implementation of the project, ensuring that the objectives and results of the project are achieved. As a project manager, you can ensure that nothing deviates from the original plan by defining critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  5. Project Closing
    This is the last step in the project management process. The project closing stage indicates the end of the project after the final delivery. There are times when outside talent is hired specifically for contract projects. The termination of this contract and the completion of the required documents are also the responsibility of the project manager.

Project Management Software to help businesses and individuals track projects, tasks, and schedules. This is a good way to stay orderly and make sure your team remains on task. A software Management Project is a system for managing task management, time, and cooperation in a team. This is useful so that the goals of the team can be achieved according to the plan

The amount of the company and the number of members of the team made it difficult for the company to oversee the performance of the team. This makes you need a Software Management Project to facilitate the company in overseeing the performance of the field team. The better the team's performance, the faster the company will develop as a result of the goals achieved. That is why companies that have many teams in marketing need software management projects""

One of the foremost common extended administration program instruments sorts is planning apparatuses. Planning instruments are utilized to arrange to extend exercises and dole out dates and assets to them. The detail and modernity of a plan delivered by a planning device can change significantly with the extended administration strategy utilized, the highlights given and the planning strategies upheld. Planning apparatuses may incorporate back for

Risks are unexpected events that can impact your project — for better or for worse. Risks can affect anything: people, processes, technology and resources. An important distinction to remember is that risk is not the same as trouble. Problems are things you know you have to work on, and maybe even have an idea of ​​when they might happen, like a team member's vacation schedule, or a big spike in demand for a product during a vacation. Risks are events that may occur, and you may not be able to tell when — like flu season hitting your team all at once, or a major product component being ordered.

Step 1: Determine your “risk tolerance”. How much risk can you take before you consider leaving the project? This is an important conversation to have with your stakeholders.

Step 2: Decide which risks to manage Once you've determined your project's risk tolerance level, you can begin to identify which risks are worth your time and attention. Even if a risk has a high probability of occurring, if the impact is small — say it will add $200 to your project cost and your budget is $50 million — you may choose to ignore it if mitigating the risk is not a good use of your time and resources.

Step 3: Identify project risk drivers What cues might indicate a particular risk is imminent? Determine the factors that can act as a catalyst in realizing your risk.

Step 4: Create an action plan If a risk occurs, what is the most effective response? What will your team do, and who is responsible for what? Make sure you've thought through every piece of it and everyone on your team knows the plan. You may wonder how to reduce risk in project management. Think about what can be done to reduce the likelihood that the risk will occur, or minimize its negative impact. For example, can you provide hand sanitizer during flu season? Or spread important tasks among the team so that progress can be made even if some members are sick for a few days? You can never completely eliminate uncertainty, but having a plan can prevent small problems from developing into major disasters. Note that risk management is not something you do once — it is an ongoing process that you must maintain throughout your project.



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