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Manage and update your marketplaces all in one platform, automate your marketplaces from shared inventory, order updates, product listing, and generate in-depth reports on your online sales.

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Track your inventory, monitor your sales, manage your listing all through one platform. Users no longer have to go to different platforms to update or manage different orders / products.

Marketplace Management Software
  • An easy-to-use interface with adaptable and reliable data accessing features. The system is easy to learn for new users.
  • Customized data with smart views and relevant search features for easy access to previous as well as current data.
  • Using barcodes is quick, easy and accurate. Mark your products, tools or inventory items for proper tracking.
  • Automate batch number and serial number generation for each of your products.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore Marketplace Management Software Features:

  • Connected to Major Marketplaces from Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, and many more.
  • Product Listing Management
  • Order Processing Management
  • Shared Inventory
  • Stock Movement Tracking
  • Low Stock Level Notification
  • Picking & Packing Management
  • Shipment Tracking, Goods Received & Return Note Management
  • Sales Reports & Integration
Marketplace Management Software

Main Features

Marketplace Management Software

Centralized Inventory

HashMicro System allows you to list, synchronize and automate your inventory across multiple marketplaces from one central hub, allowing you to save time, maximize sales, minimize overselling and increase profits.

Marketplace Management Software

Order Processing

With all orders being in one platform, you can manage your orders a lot faster and more efficiently. Faster and more accurate order processing to improve customer satisfaction, reduce labour costs and increase your seller performance ratings.

Marketplace Management Software


Apart from inventory and sales tracking, the software also allows you to track your logistics for different platforms. All in one place. The tracking IDs are automatically generated for individual marketplaces so you don’t have to generate and update them manually.

Marketplace Management Software

Picking & Packing Management

The system automates your picking & packing for all orders from all platforms, allowing you to manage your fulfillment much easier. Manage your daily picking list, and then pack the items to individual orders and manage your waybills.

Marketplace Management Software

BARCODE Generation

Integrated barcode system saves huge chunk of time labelling and allows you to manage picking & packing easily. This is very useful for quick stock updates in the electronic form and also helps the users to manage picking quickly.

Marketplace Management Software

Marketplace Reports

Tracking metrics from multiple platforms manually is a tedious task. But our software lets you compare statistics and other analytical data from all your lists at one place. The graphic oriented reporting features let you analyze and infer reasonable metrics to improve your overall business.

The system itself is packed with lots of various features and it can be enhanced with integration of other modules. Following features can be added to the system to boost functionality.

Marketplace Management Software
  • Integrate the marketplace management software with our Accounting Software to keep an eye on your financial data and generation of your tax reports.
  • Using this software along with Hashmicro Purchasing System will let you reduce your procurement costs on your inventory. Thus improving your overall profit.
  • POS (Point of Sale) can also be integrated into the system which to manage your retail sales integrated with our system.

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General Enquiries
Yes, as our software promotes productivity and is designed to boost your company's business efficiency. You can claim several government grants like PIC, CDG & iSprint. Claim percentage for CDG & iSprint is up to 70% and 40% for PIC.
Support is one of our company's forte, and one of the parts which our company cares the most. We provide 3 lines of support. Firstly, your project manager, secondly, our call hotline, which is available during business hours. Lastly, we have a portal support, available 24 / 7, to ensure your software working seamlessly.
HashMicro has a long history of successful & satisfied ERP implementations, and one of HashMicro's core values is to uphold customer satisfaction, meaning we will do our best to bring the best services to our customers. We also innovate new features & upgrades to keep up to date with the latest trends. Our clients are entitled to the updates at free of cost.
Software Enquiries
Our softwares are ready products that are constantly being upgraded by our research & development team. We also understand that each industry has different needs, hence our softwares are equipped with wide range of functions / modules that are tailored for each industry.
Yes, we do customize our products to meet our clients' unique needs. Depending on the requirements, we may even have the ready add-ons or modules built beforehand.
Yes, we have a mobile app version of our software to better help your company automate your business better. Our mobile app covers a wide range of functionalities depending on the module you are looking for.


We have been manufacturing various herbal products and distributing them to many countries since 2002. We also have 5 outlets in Singapore and the increasing numbers of customers every day. With the help of HashMicro's EQUIP’s ERP solutions, we have managed to automate our accounting, sales, purchasing and manufacturing managements, making everything easier to track. Therefore, we can now focus more on enhancing our business as well as our relationship with customers.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Bee Choo Origin Group

Being one of the oldest Islamic Educational Institution in Singapore, we have quite a lot of things to take care of; from attendance to financial management. At first, it was quite a hassle to manage all that stuff. But, thanks to HashMicro's EQUIP’s School ERP System, our finance department runs smoothly so we can focus more on developing our educational institution and providing the best for our students.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider


Having handled various interior design projects for 35 years, we want to maintain and improve the productivity and efficiency of our business. Therefore, we decided to automate most of our business operations, so that we could focus more on developing our business. Thanks to HashMicro's EQUIP, we are able to optimize our time management, so our work can be completed faster. Managing invoices for many customers is no longer a headache, because everything is done automatically.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider


As a Singapore-based bridal gown specialist since 2013, we aspire to serve the best customer service for our customers. But, with so many customers whose needs are unique and constantly changing, we realized that we needed a system that could advance our rental and purchase process while monitoring our entire contracts all at once. Thanks to HashMicro's EQUIP solutions, we are able to handle our contracts, inventory, product booking and other operations more easily.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

The Gown Warehouse

Inventory management is one of the most important components to our company, since we have to take care of many products we receive from suppliers coming from various countries. With the help of HashMicro, we have managed to simplify our inventory tracking, save valuable label production time and deliver a faster production process.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider



HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System