Complete Bridal Solution

Upgrade your bridal business to the next level with Singapore’s leading Bridal Management System to boost your operation accuracy & efficiency.

  • Easy to Use, Intuitive Software with Robust Functions
  • Integrated to Barcode/RFID scanning for rental tracking
  • Maximize profitability with rental management & scheduling system
  • In depth analysis on sales, packages signed, project, stock aging, valuation & many more
Bridal Software
Bridal Software

Mobile Scanning

Take advantage of the new & improvised scanners, integrated to the inventory system for live updates and reports

  • Android PDA with built in scanner for efficient operation
  • Mobile stock-take without a need for manual input
  • Faster & effective stock-in stock-out process with barcode/RFID scanning
  • RFID Scanning to check particular gown availability

Government Grants

Tap into your Government Grant, claim up to 80%* or S$300,000* for our software solutions to boost your company's productivity.

  • Registered & Operating in Singapore for at least 1 year
  • Have at least 30% local shareholding
  • Less than $100 million in revenue
  • Less than 200 employees
Bridal Software

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Bridal Software
Bridal Software
Bridal Software
Bridal Software
Bridal Software
Bridal Software

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