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Public Relation Executive


    • Create, manage, and execute PR strategies and tactics that actively pushes the company’s image, visibility, business development and products, including but not limited to: 

      • Creating, adhering to, and maintain public facing Company tone and points of view 
      • Writing press releases (English & Indonesian) 
      • Conducting internal audits and briefings to align company and brand voice, tone, and points of view. 
      • Fostering direct and friendly relations with journalists, editors, and other media stakeholders in Indonesia 
      • Fostering direct and friendly relations with game industry journalists, editors, and other game industry media stakeholders in Indonesia and internationally 
      • Fostering direct and friendly relations with game industry peers in marketing, PR, and corporate leadership in Indonesia and internationally 
      • Creating public and media events that serve company PR and marketing goals 
      • Proactively create PR engagement opportunities 
      • Create and maintain, an annual list of PR events, engagements, opportunities 
    • Create, maintain, and curate media lists and connections in Indonesia and abroad. 

    • Create, maintain, and curate industry connections in Indonesia and aboard. 

    • Represent the company in interviews, press conferences, presentations, and any other public facing engagements. 

    • Provide feedback and advice to external facing company initiatives (marketing, PR or otherwise) to align with company PR strategies and initiatives 


    • At least 2 years experience as Public Relation, Corporate Communication, or similar with this position.

    • Must be able to write competently in English and Indonesian.

    • Must be able to communicate effectively in English and Indonesian.

    • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    • Strong interpersonal skills to engage and develop mutually beneficial relationships in the field. 

    • Must have an understanding of the game industry, its PR and business practices 

    • Excellent proactive and reactive management skills.

    • Able to negotiate, present, and network effectively with an international audience.

    • Strong work ethic and a self-starter mindset.

    • Extensive personal networks in the game industry, media, and marketing 

    • Active social media presence and reach 

    • Proven examples of PR activities during a game launch

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