Manage all your outlet branches from anywhere with a real-time dashboard.

Increase sales with automatic up-selling and cross-selling recommendations to cashiers.

Automate stock planning based on sales forecasts and ensure stocks arrive on time.

Make smarter decisions with accurate reporting and drive more profits.


Manage all retail business processes with HashMicro Retail Software. Easily manage inventory, customer retention and sales reports from each outlets with one system

Base White POS CRM Sales Central Warehouse Procurement Finance BI
POS Software
POS Software With this software, you can simplify the management of branches in different locations with one centralized system. Get comprehensive analytical reports on the performance of all outlets in seconds. 1. Point of Sales
Store Inventory
POS Software This feature helps you prevent product shortages and keeps sufficient inventory without excess in the warehouse. With low stock level notifications, you can get accurate reorder times at the right time. 2. Store Inventory
Loyalty Program Management
POS Software This feature helps businesses to increase retention by creating loyalty programs based on each customer's preferences or purchases. You can set discounts or gifts to customers automatically based on their loyalty points. 3. Loyalty Program Management
Marketing Mass Mailing
POS Software Marketing & Mass Mailing helps increase sales conversions. You can provide personalized sales pitches, target the right potential customers, and maintain a relationship with them. 4. Marketing & Mass Mailing
Online Store
POS Software This feature helps to integrate your online store with HashMicro ERP software. You can track all transactions that occur and manage inventory in real-time. 5. Online Store
POS Software This feature makes it easier for the wholesale industry to manage all sales and requests for inventories. You can simplify supply chain processes from ordering inventories to suppliers until shipping to customers. 6. Wholesale
Central Inventory
POS Software Through this feature, you can track stock effectively with the help of QR and barcode generation, labeling, and scanning across different warehouses and process stock transfers in real-time. 7. Central Inventory
Purchasing Management
POS Software You can choose the best offers and send purchase orders easily with Purchasing Management. Compare and analyze the quality of goods from each vendor. 8. Purchasing Management
E Procurement
POS Software With E-Procurement, you can order goods per branch automatically. Get complete control over every purchase and reduce wastage. 9. E - Procurement
POS Software This feature helps you increase your business' financial visibility with easy growth monitoring and profit and loss analysis across all branches and outlet locations. 10. Finance
Business Intelligence
POS Software This feature helps you increase your business' financial visibility with easy growth monitoring and profit and loss analysis across all branches and outlet locations. 11. Business Intelligence


Get the myriad benefits offered by HashMicro Retail Software, which is specially designed to maximize your business processes

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Ease of managing thousands of SKUs in various branches and generating accurate stock reports so that the re-stock process can be on time Manfaat1

Full control of procurement costs increases efficiency and simplifies the purchasing process to facilitate ordering from suppliers Manfaat2

Automate the management of your customers to make your business more efficient, starting from the consignment system, sending email campaigns, to complete and structured data Manfaat3

Manage real-time, accurate product updates with personalized promo programs and a unique loyalty system to increase customer retention Manfaat4

Automate your various retail business processes with a Comprehensive Retail System

Ease of managing stock and warehouse, customer management, marketing, and sales, to company finances in one centralized system

CRM Software Integration

Increase Your Customer Retention

Comprehensive CRM System

Get the convenience of managing various promotions and loyalty programs held at different branches in one central system

Procurement Efficiency

Procurement Efficiency

Order Management App

Manage stock PR from each branch in one system. Automate requisitions of goods to vendors when stock levels low

Complete Point of Sales

Complete Sales Analysis

Retail POS Software

Optimize the transaction process for every purchase of goods and get a complete sales analysis across all branches that can be accessed anytime and anywhere

Efficiency of Marketing Activities

Optimize Marketing and Sales

Marketing Automation Software

Provide convenience for company leaders in designing and optimizing the marketing of the products sold. Get real-time sales data

Online Store

Integration with Best Retail System

Integrated Retail App

Integrate online stores with the HashMicro Retail Application to complete sales and up-to-date item availability data

Sales Management

Improve Sales Team Performance

Online Sales System

Achieve your sales target by optimizing the performance of your sales team. Monitor the achievements of each team member in real-time with Retail Software

Warehouse Management

Optimize Warehouse Functions

Stock Aging Analysis

Get the latest data about fast-moving/slow-moving inventory and the best insights to increase sales of slow-moving goods through upscaling/bundling


We sell herbal products to many countries. Initially, we had difficulty tracking sales and managing the supply chain. Hashmicro makes it easy to manage inventory, finance, sales, purchases in one system, making it easy to track.

beecho Bee Cho

At first, we were overwhelmed by the number of orders from our customers, which number in the thousands every day. However, since using Hashmicro, we can easily complete every order in a matter of minutes.

onemart One Mart

As a hospitality equipment manufacturer, our workflow focuses on inventory management and client management. The HashMicro system simplifies our business processes from procurement to delivery of goods to clients.

forbes Forbes



Retailers have used our software.


SKUs are managed every day with the Hash Retail Innovation


1 Million+
Customers experience increased retention


Hash Retail Innovation is a system that can help companies to streamline various business processes in the retail industry. Get complete information about sales and inventory stock in multiple warehouses and branches. Armed with this information, you can manage all outlets through a centralized system.

Hash Retail Innovation provides the best solution to help your retail business grow even further. It has advanced features, such as customer management, multi-branch inventory management, accurate financial report generation, and various other features.

The main reason why you should start implementing our software in your business is that Hash Retail Innovation can adapt to your unique business needs, from mid-sized to enterprise-class companies. In addition, we design our software with an attractive and easy-to-use user interface, unlike most other retail systems that are often difficult to operate.

Running a retail business without a system will take a lot of time and effort. With the help of Hash Retail Innovation, you can automate various manual tasks, ranging from bookkeeping, procurement, promotion and customer management, and more. With Hash Retail Innovation, you can reduce the potential of human error by using various automation provided by our system.

A good indicator of retail software is that the system needs to have the best features to solve various retail business needs, is accessible from anywhere and anytime, and is equipped with capable security to avoid thefts and data breaches.
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