The cutting-edge features of F&B Software simplify the operations of complex food and beverage businesses

An Integrated System for the Management of All your Customer Orders

Optimize Bookings

Integrated e-menu and self-ordering kiosk with online payment for streamlined transactions

Delivery Service Integration

The Hashmicro F&B software is integrated with various delivery services to simplify online food ordering

Simplify Promotion Management

Improve customer retention by automating the creation of personalized loyalty programs and rewards

Reduce Waste of Raw Materials and Increase Efficiency in the Restaurant

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Outlet Management Efficiency

A kitchen display system allows better communication between chefs and waiters who serve restaurant visitors

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Recipe and Raw Material Adjustments

Calculate the availability of raw materials in real-time with automatic reduction of recipes from each presented menu

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Expiry Date Tracking

Track warranty and expiration dates of grocery supplies to reduce the risk of damage with automatic reminders

Streamline Monitoring of Kitchen Raw Material Availability in Real-Time

Multi-Pronged Stock Monitor

Centrally monitor and track stock movements at all business outlets across various locations

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Reordering Rules

Automate inventory ordering when the amount reaches the minimum limit to maintain stock availability

Stock Opname Efficiency

Simplify the stock-taking process with the mobile apps to feature that is equipped with a QR/barcode scanner

Hash F&B Technology Workflow

Make it easy for your customer to order food and beverages, improve waiter and chef communication, optimize promotion and marketing management, and make accurate business decisions with Hash F&B Technology's business intelligence.

Base White POS Central Kitchen Purchasing CRM Finance BI
Self Ordering Kiosk
Restaurant PIN1 Provide an easy and streamlined way for your customers to order their meals through a Self-ordering Kiosk. Not only can this kiosk processes orders, but it also can increase sales by creating profitable cross-selling and up-selling. 1. Self - Ordering Kiosk
Waiter Screen
Restaurant PIN2 Manage customers’ orders easily with an integrated waiter POS. You can easily manage table/floor, combine orders, split bills, edit orders, and more. 2. Waiter Screen
Kitchen Display System
Restaurant PIN3 Improve the communication between the waiters and chefs in the kitchen through a Kitchen Display System. Enhance your serving quality with the help of automated food routing, cooking time management, and kitchen order summary. 3. Kitchen Display System
Store Inventory
Restaurant PIN5 The Store Inventory will ensure that the food ingredients in your restaurant are fresh with an effective FIFO method. The system will also notify you when the stocks are running out and order them automatically. 5. Store Inventory
Loyalty Program Management
Restaurant PIN4 You can create various personalized loyalty programs and rewards to increase customer retention. All applied loyalty programs can be calculated automatically during the transaction process. 4. Loyalty Program Management
Central Kitchen
Restaurant PIN6 With the help of Central Kitchen, the quality and taste of your food and beverages in all restaurant branches are guaranteed. The system streamlines inventory distribution and centralized ingredients quality control. 6. Central Kitchen
Purchasing Management
Restaurant PIN7 Conduct inventory and food ingredients orders to your trusted suppliers. The online supplier portal will streamline the purchase order processing, invoice management, and supplier rating based on their products and services. 7. Purchasing Management
Marketing Mass Mailing
Restaurant PIN8 You can create personalized marketing strategies based on customers’ transaction history recorded by the POS system. You can also create contact information segmentation based on age, gender, purchase history, and more. 8. Marketing & Mass Mailing
Promotion Management
Restaurant PIN9 Increase your sales by creating captivating and profitable promotion management such as meal combos, discounts, happy hour, and more. The system will optimize the margin and calculate the promotion during transactions automatically. 9. Promotion Management
Restaurant PIN10 Centralized the financial management of all restaurant branches for easier control You can create profit & loss reports, predict the cash flow, manage the accrual and amortization, and more. 10. Finance
Business Intelligence
Restaurant PIN11 The ERP Software for F&B industry is capable of providing you with holistic manufacturing process information and analysis. With an intuitive software design, you can improve your business strategies. 11. Business Intelligence

Simplify Complex Restaurant and Cafe Management with Hash F&B Technology

Hash F&B Technology is equipped with cutting-edge features to simplify complex food and beverages businesses, from customer order management, product marketing, to financial management in just a few clicks.

Point of Sales

Automate Customer Order Management

Point of Sales

Are you overwhelmed by more and more orders? Manage customer requests from modifying orders to billing splits efficiently.



Increase Retention and Revenue


Pamper your loyal customers with personalized rewards. Loyalty program promos can also be calculated during transactions automatically.

Central Kitchen

Maintain Your Food Quality

Central Kitchen

Want to maintain the quality and taste of the food at each branch? Monitor your ingredients purchase and distribute it to your outlets with strict quality control.


Manage Raw Ingredients Purchases


Get more control on material and ingredients procurement with Hash F&B Technology. You can also monitor supplier performance with the vendor portal system.


Profit & Loss Monitoring in Each Outlets


Manage all of your restaurants' finances in one centralized system to avoid double-input or human-error. Generate various financial statements in a few clicks.

Kitchen Display

Improve Chef and Waiter Communication

Kitchen Display

Improve your restaurant service by automating food routing, cooking time management, and kitchen order summary. Bring a unique experience to customers.


Easily Order Food & Drinks


Make it easy for customers to order food or drinks with self-ordering kiosks. Increase sales by effective cross-selling and up-selling.


Hash F&B Technology Benefits

Our software brings various benefits to simplify business processes in the food and beverages industry while improving sales and customer satisfaction at the same time.

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A user-friendly and easy-to-configure system makes transaction processing and sales report generation faster. Manfaat1

Customer segmentation and demand prediction are more accurate with a database centered on a single platform. Manfaat2

Real-time inventory data improves inventory management accuracy. Stock repurchasing will run automatically with Hash F&B Technology. Manfaat3

Easily track profit & loss, generate more accurate financial reports, and faster bank reconciliation process. Manfaat4


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What is Hash F&B Technology?

Hash F&B Technology is the perfect solution to simplify highly complex restaurant and cafe activities. Our software has multiple solutions to improve your business processes, such as order and service management, promotion and loyalty program creation, inventory management, and also financial management can be done automatically.

Our experts developed Hash F&B Technology to create a system that can suit the unique needs of the F&B industry. The system has received good testimonials, is safe to use, and can be easily accessed, so Hash F&B Technology is the best choice to grow your restaurant business.

Many F&B systems on the market are not user-friendly and configurable only by IT experts. Our system has a UI/UX design that is easy for users to operate, even for new users. With only a few training sessions, new users can configure the software effortlessly by themselves.

Manually running your restaurant business can lead to a waste of time, resources, and money. With Hash F&B Technology, you can automate various business processes such as inventory management, sales & marketing, accounting, and many more. Hash F&B Technology is suitable for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and catering. You can also minimize human error and manage large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Yes, smartphone and tablet versions of our software can help you run your business more conveniently, anytime and anywhere. The applications on our smartphones and tablets cover various functions, depending on the module you are using.
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