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Enterprise Development Grant

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Boost your business growth and transformation by leveraging the Enterprise Development Grant.

Get up to 70% of qualifying project costs!

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is a replacement for the Capability Development Grant that has been supplied by the government of Singapore since October, 2018. SMEs can defray up to 70% of their project costs if they meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Having been registered and operating in Singapore
  • Owning a minimum 30% of local shareholding
  • In a financially viable position to start and complete the project

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We have been manufacturing herbal products and distributing them to many countries since 2002, with 5 outlets in Singapore. With HashMicro’s ERP software, we have managed to automate our accounting, sales, procurement, and manufacturing processes, making everything easier to track. We can now focus more on enhancing our business and our relationship with customers.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Bee Choo Origin

Having handled various interior design projects for 35 years, we want to improve our business productivity and efficiency. Therefore, we decided to automate our business operations to focus more on developing our business. Thanks to HashMicro, our work can be completed faster. Managing invoices is no longer a headache, because everything is done automatically.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Designphase DBA

As a hospitality equipment manufacturer with a large number of customers, we were looking for a system that streamlines our workflows. Thanks to HashMicro, our inventory management has been simplified, as well as our sales and procurement procedures. We no longer have to worry about our inventory and we can focus more on improving the quality of our products.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider

Forbes Industries Asia

We receive a large quantity of orders every day. Thus, we need to be able to fulfill orders faster. HashMicro has helped us streamline our daily operations by providing us with a fully-integrated ERP system; from monitoring inventory and procurement to managing sales and finances. Now that we have complete visibility into our business processes.
Singapore Cloud ERP Software Solution Provider


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