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Get complete visibility for your entire business process from procurement to sales in one centralized system, anytime and anywhere you are.

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Monitor and improve the overall effectiveness of employee performance assessment

Ease of management of promotions, demotion, and division shifts with automatic and objective assessments.

Keep track of your workers' success and development with KPI monitoring and staff training.

Track employee contribution levels from individuals, division units, and work departments with a thorough performance assessment analysis.

Recognize employee' potential simply and correctly in order to optimize employee job performance in each division

Monitor staff actions more realistically and regularly using the integrated activity management tool.

Increase overall employee performance via performance goal management and continuous staff development initiatives.

Evaluate the best employee performance that is in line with the company's strategy and objectives.

Adjust staff training activities as needed to meet maximum corporate objectives

Management training that allows the company to get a productive workforce and able to adjust to the needs of the growing business.

Easily measuring the success of staff training to develop better employee self-potential.

Improve workers' performance with a comprehensive staff development system to support the company's future growth.


EVA (Talent Management) features can help the HR division monitor employee performance more easily and objectively

Career Path

Get more precise career path management

Career Path

Manage and establish the career path of each employee starting from promotions, demotions, and divisional transfers based on accurate data.

Automatic Monitoring

Easily track progress and provide feedback

Automatic Monitoring

Monitor the team's progress toward attaining company objectives and offer real-time feedback using the EVA application.

Onboarding Management

Systematic company training and recognition system

Onboarding Management

Placement of employees in various training according to their fields to improve future performance towards company development.

Potential Employees

Retain the best employees of your company

Potential Employees

Expand career options for prospective employees and support in developing a diverse set of skills and job abilities through leadership development.

KPI Tracking

Tracking employee KPI/KSI that integrated with ERP

KPI Tracking

Monitor employee productivity and growth effectively using KPI and KSI systems, as well as an accurate task monitoring and updating system.

Assessment Quadrant

In-depth analysis of employee performance quadrants

Assessment Quadrant

A thoroughly executive performance assessment system that utilizes performance quadrant analysis to monitor staff improvement.

Success Control

Comprehensive succession line monitoring

Success Control

Management of performance appraisals based on the success of a project with accurate and simple direct reports and team reviews.



EVA Talent Management sleek design and easy-to-use features makes it the preferred option for businesses in Southeast Asia.

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Automatic updates to employee data are performed to meet the requirements of the promotion, demotion, or employee rotation processes. Manfaat1

Tracking the development of each individual and team member and offering comments is a simple and real-time process. Manfaat2

Accurate placement and recognition of each employee's capacity to contribute to the company's future development. Manfaat3

An automated KPI monitoring system simplifies each employee's performance evaluation tasks. Manfaat4

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Various Companies in Singapore have Proved the Practical Use of EVA Talent Management System, Now It's Your Turn!


Businesses have used EVA Talent Management


KPI reports every month


1 Billion
Employee salary distribution is processed every month

What is EVA Talent Management?

EVA Talent Management System is a human resource management system specifically designed to simplify managing and evaluating employees, which tends to be difficult and time-consuming through a centralized, automated system.

Our system can help businesses ensure that each employee's activities and tasks are properly monitored. Companies may build the skills people need to meet corporate objectives while increasing visibility and future planning capabilities.

EVA Talent Management System is a comprehensive software to perform employee performance appraisal processes based on KPI that can be customized according to company needs. HR department activities will certainly become more effective and efficient with all practical and simple processes on only one platform.

This software is equipped with various professional features that can increase the overall productivity of employees. Various conveniences in delivering information and tasks from the company will undoubtedly make it simpler for workers to perform their responsibilities.

In the business transformation process, automation of employee development and assessment processes with the company's Talent Management System can assist HR staff in placing employees in the best position to support company growth. In addition, you can also improve performance and retain potential employees through resource management that can be updated in real-time and accurately.

An indicator of a good talent management system is completeness in terms of features and easy access that can help the various needs of the HR division in your company. This convenience will certainly increase efficiency in solving all resource management problems in your company.

As a provider of the most complete talent management system software, EVA Talent Management is equipped with various features that suit the company's needs and has positive reviews from users. Therefore EVA Talent Management is the right choice to develop your business.
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