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Automate your sales pipeline. Convert more qualified leads and win more deals with Singapore's most complete, fully-integrated CRM System.

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The Benefits of HashMicro's CRM Software

CRM software
CRM systems

Lead Identification

Manage lead database in a centralized repository and identify qualified leads more easily.

web-based CRM

Automated Reporting

General sales report in a matter of seconds and gain insights into your sales performance.

cloud-based CRM
customer relationship management

Full Traceability

Keep track of all sales activities such as meetings, follow-ups, tasks, and various updates.

CRM software

Easy Configuration

Create sales stages with the drag & drop function through configurable sales workflows.

The Main Features of CRM Software

CRM program

Sales Pipeline Management

Move leads from one stage to another based on the sales status. Customize your sales pipeline according to your preferences.

web-based CRM

Sales Team Management

Keep track of sales progress and how each salesperson is doing. Distribute the right tasks and get notified on your sales reps’ achievements.

cloud-based CRM


Get accurate forecasts of the revenue you will generate from each lead and seamlessly create a list of prioritized prospects.

CRM software

Email Marketing

Create, customize and send relevant emails to segmented subscribers, customers, or leads. Answer emails directly through the system.

CRM program

Call Logging

Get every conversation with each prospect logged to help sales reps better understand leads and optimize your customer service.

CRM systems

Sales Report

Generate real-time sales reports, covering sales activities, team performance, profits and losses, and many more.

CRM Software System Integration

Accounting System

Integration of the accounting system with the CRM system will help you control and analyze sales expenses better.

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Purchasing System

The purchasing system makes it easier for the sales team to submit purchase requests for goods/services to ensure the smooth-running of sales operations.

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Inventory Management System

The inventory management system helps the sales team know the availability of goods and provide the right information to prospects and customers.

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CRM-Sales System

Integrate CRM-Leads with CRM-Sales to enable you to create sales orders and quotations, set multiple price lists, and calculate sales commissions automatically.

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HRM System

The HRM system automates the calculation of salaries, commissions, incentives, and allowances. It helps you analyze your sales team performance as well!

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Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

We provide various types of support, from free consultations and blueprints to training and user manuals, ensuring that your software is runs smoothly.
Our solutions are very comprehensive and designed for 15 industries. Our ERP system offers unlimited user licenses. Therefore, it can be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost.
We provide ready-made software that continually improves our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
Yes, our software has a mobile version to help you run your business better. Our mobile apps cover various functions, depending on the modules you are using.
EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through the internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
We use PostgreSQL database management system, which ensures data security and scalable performance for many of simultaneous users.
We use Python, one of the most popular programming languages, to develop our software programs.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM System)?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM system) is a tool, strategy, or process that helps businesses better manage and access customer data. At first, CRM relied on handwriting and Rolodex.

Along with the technology development nowadays, customer relationship management can now be automated with the help of software. One of them is the best CRM software in Singapore, namely CRM from HashMicro.

CRM tools play an essential role in business development, maintaining retention with permanent consumers in one network and increasing collaboration between teams so that the work process in business becomes more integrated and efficient.

In operational activities, CRM system helps business efficiency and effectiveness. If it does not apply CRM tools, employee's work processes will use manual methods to input data, and this causes slow work processes and no integration between various divisions in one database.

In CRM system operational activities help in business efficiency and effectiveness, if it does not implement customer relationship management software, the employee's work process will use manual methods to input data, this causes the slow process of work and the absence of integration between various divisions in one database



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