Get complete visibility for your entire business process from procurement to sales in one centralized system, anytime and anywhere you are.


Automate Raw Material Management in One System

  • Make accurate stock count estimates for each construction site. CONCRETE also includes automatic reordering recommendations to vendors.
  • Easily track internal transfers between construction sites, shipments, material usage, and more with high accuracy using CONCRETE.
  • CONCRETE provides a mobile app for easy project planning and efficient job order management. Anytime, anywhere.
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Integrate Lead, Inventory, and Employee Management in A Single Platform

  • Manage prospects and clients in one centralized system. Track the status of individual leads using an easy-to-use pipeline system by CONCRETE.
  • Monitor the availability of raw materials in real-time, keep track of stock movements from one location to another, and increase stock-taking speed.
  • Automate the management of employee administration, from payroll management, KPI monitoring, to reimbursement process.
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Avoid Unnecessary Expenses and Waste

  • Gain greater control of your procurement with an adjustable approval matrix according to the number of item and the type of material required for each location.
  • Get the best offer from each vendor by comparing the Request for Quotation (RFQ) contained in the Purchase Tender feature in CONCRETE.
  • E-procurement feature makes it easier to run online tender process and manage vendor portals.
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Manage all your business activities with CONCRETE Software for seamless and efficient construction management, including project, tender, and contract. Optimize your day-to-day business operations.

Simplify Construction Business Management with CONCRETE

CONCRETE Software comes with various features to optimize your business at different levels.


Hassle-free Inventory Management in Multiple Locations


Conveniently manage raw materials from vendors and ensure adequate stock and proper distribution in all projects.


Automate Project Budget Management


With CONCRETE, you don't have to worry about the project's budget exceeding the estimate. Monitor each project's expenses and financial status in real-time.


Well-monitored Construction Projects


Keep an eye on the progress of multiple projects through a unified view. Make better, faster, data-driven decisions.


Automatic Payroll System


Equipped with an automatic calculation feature, employers can compute salaries based on working hours, overtime, and attendance.


Enhance Fleet Performance


Manage construction vehicles, such as trucks and cranes, along with their maintenance so the fleet can operate in their best conditions.


Win the Best Deals


Seamless tender coordination from multiple vendors using the Vendor Portal feature to get high-quality goods with the best prices.


Boost Contract Management Efficiency


Helps you manage multiple project contracts through a cloud-based platform. No need to worry about duplicated or lost documents.


The Benefits of CONCRETE Construction Software for Your Business

CONCRETE Construction System was designed to drive your business growth through digital transfomation.

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Controlling your company's budget has become simpler. Automate your construction project monitoring to make it run faster and smoother. Manfaat1

Centralize clients' data to easily monitor lead status and access comprehensive data and pipelines to optimize your business. Manfaat2

Minimize human error and monitor your inventory stock level from anywhere with the best construction software, CONCRETE. Manfaat3

Monitor each KPI of your construction staff in real-time and simplify the administrative process, such as payroll and reimbursement. Manfaat4

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At first, we were always overwhelmed by thousands of orders from our customers, every single day. However, with the help of HashMicro's software system, we can easily complete every order in a matter of minutes.

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Hundreds of construction companies have entrusted CONCRETE with their business process.


Companies are already using CONCRETE.


Construction projects run more optimally thanks to CONCRETE.


1 Billion+
Costs saved with CONCRETE.


CONCRETE is a solution to support various construction company activities. With CONCRETE, you can simplify construction project work, optimize inventory management, and simplify staff management.

In addition, the CONCRETE system can also be adapted to your business scale and customized according to your company's needs.

CONCRETE is software designed to simplify multiple business processes in construction companies. CONCRETE is also available with various features that can boost the productivity of the construction business. With all these advantages coupled with a user-friendly interface, CONCRETE is the best choice for your company's problems.

To compete in a highly volatile business environment, you have to adapt quickly and be highly competitive. With the CONCRETE construction system, you can boost productivity, automate various construction processes, minimize errors and save time and costs. Therefore, CONCRETE is the best solution for your business.

The best construction software is the one that fits the company's needs, can be accessed effortlessly, is safe to use, able to solve the company's problems, and has a price package that fits the company's budget.

CONCRETE is construction software that is customizable to suit the unique needs of each construction company. In addition, CONCRETE also has an easy-to-use interface and a high level of security. It has a variety of packages for your business. To sum it up, CONCRETE can be the best construction software for your business.
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