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Why is Sponsorship Important in Marketing?

In various activities In everyday life, of course, we often hear the term ‘sponsorship.’ This term is one part that is quite important, especially in the business world, and we often find it in various mass media. But in fact, there are still many people who equate sponsorship with ordinary advertisements that often appear on television, radio, or the internet. Support is much more than the advertisements we see on television.

The system can help you with planning options and benefits such as exposure from the media and the target audience. Conducting sponsorship activities in an event or event is undoubtedly a partnership between the company and the public. This activity will certainly be beneficial for both parties, not only for the community but also for the company. Companies need an Event Management System to prepare and plan the overall desired goals to realize this plan. 

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Understanding Sponsorship

Sponsorship is defined as corporate financial support from an organization, person, or activity in return for promoting a brand or connection with a company. Of course, sponsorship can increase the value of your brand. When a company sponsors an event, it can select a specific group of people to enhance its brand image and engagement, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Benefits of Sponsorship


Sponsorship has its own set of benefits for the business. It has several advantages for both online and offline company growth, including:

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download skema harga software erp

1. Increasing brand awareness with sponsorship

As we discussed before, sponsoring an event may let your brand and name appear on numerous media during the event. In that manner, individuals who attend the event will indirectly see the logo and increase your brand awareness. This may get folks who don’t know your brand inquisitive and start checking into what you offer.

2. Better brand reputation

This sponsorship activity can also help the company build its reputation brand in the eyes of the rest of the world. Imagine if your brand was a sponsor at a high-profile soccer event. As a sponsor, you can be sure that people will know more about your brand and value it more. In addition, more people will buy products or invest in the company. There’s no doubt that this will help the company make more money.

3. Differentiation from competitors

Even if your company is well-known, carrying out marketing activities in brand sponsorship will make your company look very different from your competitors. Support will help your company stand out if other businesses are still distributing flyers or placing ads on social media to get people to talk about their business. Still, before doing that, it’s essential to use a Marketing Automation System to help you plan your sponsorship strategy that will do.

4. Reach more potential customers

Sponsorship is a way for a company to get its products and services in front of people interested in them. As long as the target market can see our product, but also has the chance to use it. When your product has a broad reach, and people know about it, it’s not out of the question that some people will want to use it.

5. Increase sales

It’s a good thing for businesses that we know from sponsoring that their products sell more when they do. Because people will be more interested in buying products if they see these kinds of things being done, the more sponsorship your company does, the more likely it is that people will be interested in your product.

6. Gaining media spotlight

At certain events or events, they often ask for coverage from different media types as long as there are many influential people at the event. The media are, of course, more interested in reporting on things that draw essential people and famous artists. That way, you can take advantage of sponsorships for events like this. With a lot of attention from many different media, of course, your logo will show up in these media.

Sponsorships Media


As you know, the main goal of this type of marketing is to reach more people. It’s also essential to think about what kind of media or method will be best for the company to use and what the company’s values are. So, here are some media that you might want to think about when you do this activity:

  • Print media: Banners, pamphlets, and other print media are examples of print media. Your logo may also feature in print advertisements for the event by the organizers.
  • Electronic media: You may get your spot for your logo during an event if you sponsor a program that airs on TV or radio.
  • Booth: Preparing a stand or booth, particularly for an event, can undoubtedly assist you in connecting and interacting directly with clients.
  • Segments: Sponsorship may also take the form of marketing inside it or inserts during an event. That allows you to take control of the event and convert it into a platform for selling or introducing your product.


The goals and explanations of the sponsorship are what the company hopes to get from sponsoring activities. In general, businesses don’t want to spend money on things that don’t work out, but they also want to make money from the sponsorship money they spent.


The company also needs stable business operations, including finance and marketing, so you need to point that out. Ensure that all of your business activities are in order both before and after this event is held. That’s why You need Software Marketing Automation HashMicro to manage and control anything marketing you have. HashMicro provides software marketing to control any subject on marketing like sponsor, engagement, leads, and audience. You can also Use ERP Software from HashMicro can help you make your business run more smoothly, too. Now is the time to make our ERP system work for your business.

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