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The Role of NGO in Society and the State

The term NGO is still rarely heard in some circles. Even most people may still not understand what an NGO is. This article is a great choice for those of you who are looking into more detail about it.

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization is a non-profit organization and does not prioritize the profits they will get. Usually, their main goal is environmental issues or other societal issues. However, the organization works independently without any help from the government.


NGO in Singapore

Currently, the people who work at the agency are volunteers. However, currently, some non-governmental organizations have also started to hire staff and freelancers. According to Human Rights Career, 10 recognized NGOs in Singapore stand for human rights, including protection for women, children, and the elderly.

Maybe you are wondering if NGOs do not care about profit, where do the organizations get funds to achieve their goals? So, the source of the organization’s funds is known to be obtained through private sources which act as donors and perform accounting calculations in regulating its costs. If the organization has high productivity, then donors will trust the body and finance all the productivity they will make for the wider community to feel.

The Benefits of NGOs to the Community

Of course, the establishment of this organization must have a goal that they want to achieve. The benefits of NGOs to the community are as follows:

Become a forum for people’s aspirations

NGOs can be a solution to accept all aspirations of the community when the government is taking care of various other problems. This organizational body will strive to realize these aspirations so that the problem is resolved. This aspiration can be accommodated through the survey system.

To protect certain people, especially the poor

This institution is also present to provide protection to certain people who get discrimination against. Whether it is due to race, religion, gender, and also age. 

Such protection can be through various ways, such as the participation of NGOs in a forum that helps make government policies and programs that the government will create as a form of tackling an issue that occurs in the community.

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To protect nature

Environmental issues are one of the main objectives of the establishment of NGOs. This institution shows its concern for the quality of the environment which is getting worse every year.

NGOs make various efforts to maintain a healthy environment. For example, by doing counseling that raises public awareness of nature and other activities.

Providing protection to witnesses and victims in an issue

In some cases involving criminal and civil law, many victims or witnesses are reluctant to report violations of the law to the authorities because they fear for their safety due to threats posed by certain individuals. This is where NGOs provide protection and help victims and witnesses to get legal assistance.


Characteristics of NGO

As an organization that the state has acknowledged, there are several identities that must be owned by an organization to enter into an NGO group, such as:

  1. Independent means that this organization is not associated with any particular government or politics.
  2. Non-profit, this organization does not prioritize profit or profit.
  3. Volunteering, working without any coercion from anyone for the purpose of social and environmental interests
  4. Non-bureaucrat, procedures in organizations are not too complicated
  5. Siding with the weak people who find it difficult to get legal protection.

Variety of NGO

There are several types of NGOs that you must know, such as:

Operational NGO

The purpose of an operational NGO is to plan and implement a project for community development and empowerment. This type of NGO is still grouped into 3 organizations, such as:

Community-based organization

This organization is to help provide facilities in a region. In addition, the presence of community-based organizations stands from the initiative of volunteers, such as women’s organizations, educational organizations, etc.

National organization

The organization stands to help developing countries and its scope is one country.

International organization

This organization covers all countries of the world. Generally, they will focus more on helping developing countries improve people’s well-being and helping other non-profit organizations. An example of an international organization is Greenpeace.

Advocacy NGO

Advocacy NGOs stand with the aim of addressing an issue that exists in the community by influencing the policies of the government through negotiations, press activities, campaigns, etc.

Benefits of Joining an NGO

There are many benefits that you will get when joining a non-profit organization. Here are the benefits of NGOs that you can achieve, such as:

There is no political element

NGOs have very little connection to the government so it is the right choice for people who want to avoid matters related to politics.

Working before graduating from college

Since most of the people who work in NGOs are volunteers, it is usually an option for students to start their work experience.

Have work experience with others

It does not rule out the possibility that all workers in this organization are students. You can have work experience with other people with different backgrounds.

Work and travel

This organization is a great choice for people who do not like monotonous work. Because NGOs usually do counseling and visit places that are left behind to do development.

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You already know what an NGO is. So, if you intend to make a career and give dedication in the organization, you must know the consequences that you will get. Because this organization attaches great importance to humanity rather than profit from the material side.
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