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USP: an Effective Way to Attract Customers

When creating a business, you need something that sets your business apart from others. The USP is the differentiator and the reason why consumers prefer your product over the competitors. Maybe you will have thousands of competitors selling similar products when starting a business. Therefore, the company competes with competitors through the USP which can encourage potential consumers to buy the product. This point is an important thing for companies in marketing their products. 

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  • Definition of USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • 3 Tips for Determining the USP for Your Business
  • Conclusion
  • Definition of USP (Unique Selling Point)

    As the name implies, USP is something that distinguishes your business from competitors who have similar businesses. This can be the main reason why consumers prefer your product over competitors and even spend more money. This can happen because if all businesses offer the same product, buyers will be confused about which product to buy. In the end, customers must buy the product they find most profitable for them.

    In this technology era, USP is very important for the development of a business. Because your business competitors may come from abroad, not only within the country. This means that your potential customers have a wide choice of products when they want to buy something. It is very possible that your potential customers will change their choice to other products if your product is considered not to provide much benefits.

    3 Tips for Determining the USP for Your Business

    1. Understand what consumers want

    The first thing you can do is understand what customers want. Like when you have culinary business, consumers are certainly looking for a place that can provide food and drink. If that’s what they want, surely all restaurants and culinary businesses can provide that. Therefore, several things such as price, taste of food, quality of service, comfort of the place, and others can be used as USP to meet consumer needs. Use Restaurant system to boost sales, simplify inventory management, and maintain customer retention

    An effective way to find out is to survey customers directly. You can give them a form containing various questions about why they prefer your business over other places. In addition, you can ask for scores or points about the aspects behind the main reason. Start with the price level of the food, the quality of the service, the speed with which your needs are met, and more. After knowing this, you can create a marketing strategy that focuses on these various aspects.

    2. Give inner satisfaction to customers

    When your field of business is already too crowded, you need to provide inner satisfaction to your customers. So, this can be a new USP for your business going forward. Some inner satisfaction that you can give such as:

    • Healthy lifestyle

    Of course, everyone wants a healthy body. This is how you can implement a marketing strategy that convinces your customers that they can be healthier by using your product. Therefore, customers will find that your product is a product that can improve health than competitors.

    • Protecting the environment

    Consumers not only want to be satisfied mentally, but also happy at the same time. You can contribute to the environment through your products. Like some of the results from the CRM Software, you can use it to buy recycling bags or plant trees.

    • Pride

    Pride comes in many forms. Consumers are not only proud to use luxury products, but also have other forms of pride, such as being proud to use local products. This sense of pride is either exclusive or limited. All you have to do is customize it to suit the products and services you offer.

    3. Pay attention to competitor USP

    The purpose of paying attention to competitors’ USPs is to find out the weaknesses of competitors and then use them as improvements to your product. In essence, you are using your competitors’ weaknesses to your business advantage. Ways that you can do such as look directly into the competitor’s place, and note all the aspects they have. You can also use their strengths as examples for you to modify or apply to your business.


    USP is important for your business. USPs can differentiate your business from competitors with similar businesses. This could be the main reason consumers prefer your product and spend more money than competitors. There are many ways for you to apply the USP. When you have successfully implemented it, you need an Accounting System that can manage your business finances.

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