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User Experience: Goals and Tips In Making It

User experience is one of the most important parts in software development. Which is, a good digital application or product must have an interaction, experience that is easy for users to use. You can use various applications such as ERP software that functions to make it easier for users and you to monitor company developments. The software is also able to create a good user experience. This article will discuss thoroughly the meaning of user experience to how to build a good and correct user experience. 

User experience

Understanding User Experience

User Experience (UX) is how users experience interacting/using your digital product. This experience is shown by how easy it is for users to get what they want from the product.

In other words, a good product user experience will not make it difficult for users to achieve their goals. Whether it’s from a friendly UI (User Interface) design, lightweight products for user access, uncomplicated menus, and so on.

On the other hand, a poor user experience frustrates users because it is difficult to get what they want. If you have this, there are a lot of bad effects that can happen to your digital products.

Important factors in User Experience/UX

There are at least eight important factors that we must consider in building a customer experience, namely:

  • Accessibility, or the ease with which consumers interact and access your product or service.
  • Competence, namely competence that the company is able to provide.
  • Customer recognition is the feeling that consumers feel that they have been appreciated or recognized by the company.
  • Helpfulness is the ease that consumers feel in asking for help.
  • Personalization is a comfortable feeling that consumers feel about the treatment or facilities that the company provides.
  • Problem solving is the customer’s feeling about the problem that the company is able to solve.
  • Promise fulfillment is the feeling that consumers feel about the promises the company makes.
  • Value for Time is how consumers feel about the time they have that companies can value optimally.

Purpose of User Experience

The following are some of the main purposes of using UX to support the performance of your product.

1. Providing a good and pleasant experience to users

A website or mobile application, of course, many companies use to introduce products or services, as well as provide clear information, and contain facts. In addition, users of course expect an attractive appearance, and they are easy to use. So that visitors to a website will feel comfortable with the existing display and supported by a good user experience. Visitor Management Software from HashMicro can help manage visitor data in your property or building. Record important data such as check-in and check-out time, visit purposes, residents expecting visitors, and others in a paperless manner.

2. Assist users in obtaining information and purposes in the application

Visitors to the website or mobile application have the main reason when visiting an application. So that users really expect the product to be able to answer and provide the information they need.

3. Increase business profits through your products

For the purpose of the last user experience, it is used to increase the value and profit of the company. By providing a good user experience, it will have a good impact on the business you build. The advantages here can be in the form of increased website or application traffic, product sales, and promotion of services offered.

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How to build a Good User Experience

Here are tips to improve User Experience in your product:

1. Change is Not Always Good

Maybe you realize that the structure of a website or application is almost similar to each other. The main reason is because users are used to using such a structure. The user doesn’t always like the changes you make. They are used to old habits and tend to be unwilling to adapt to too many new changes.

2. Visualize the experience

Before doing this first step, every businessman must understand the concept of the hierarchy of needs proposed by Maslow. In essence, the higher the customer segmentation targeted by the company, the higher the experience presented must also be.

3. Translating the Vision and Designing an Experience Map

After successfully determining the concept of the experience that you will create, then the concept must be translated into practical guidelines or commonly called Customers Experience Maps (CEM).

Later, this CEM can be used as a practical guide in attracting attention and also serving customers optimally. One of the important keys to a good customer experience is the existence of a clear vision and mission presented by the company. So, it is not just an arbitrary vision, but a vision that is more focused on consumers or customer-centric.

4. Use a Simple, Consistent, and Responsive Design

Visitors will feel confused and feel lost if the design of each page changes drastically. As a result, visitors will wonder if they are still on your website/app.

Therefore, you should use a simple and consistent design. Get rid of anything that could potentially slow down and make it harder for users to get what they want.


user experience

That’s a little discussion about User Experience. In digital products, both UI and UX have a very important role, because without a good UI and UX, a digital product will be able to make a business lose because of poor user experience in finding the items they want. HashMicro’s Staff Competency Software helps you improve your employee performance to meet the standards desired by the company. By this software you can improve your UI/UX so the customers can have great experience using your product.

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