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Personal Selling: Definition, Purpose, Functions, and Advantages

Selling personally to other individuals is not easy. A seller must know good sales techniques to do so. By using good sales techniques, prospective buyers will be interested in buying the products that sellers offer. This sales activity is familiar with the term personal selling. One example of personal selling that is often encountered is a sales promotion person who offers their products in the supermarket. This article will provide information for readers about personal selling.

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personal selling

Personal Selling Definition


To understand personal selling better, you must be able to know first the definition. This strategy is one of the sales techniques that emphasize persuasive communication that encourages consumers to buy products. In other words, personal selling is direct communication that occurs between sellers and prospective buyers in offering and providing product information to prospective buyers. So, buyers are getting interested in buying the product. Personal sales techniques are the only way that the seller can do to make buyers immediately decide to buy the product.

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Purposes of Personal Selling

Personal selling as one of the techniques in selling products certainly has several purposes. With this sales technique, the company will be able to get new customers for the products sold. Along with that, the company will also get the market information. This information will determine the right marketing strategy. This sales technique will certainly increase the company’s product sales. No less important, this technique can also build brand awareness of the company’s products. Later on, many people will know the company’s products.

Functions of Personal Selling

It is very important for you to know about the person selling functions. One of the experts, Ronald B. Marks, also gave his idea of this strategy functions. In Rangkuti (2010:181), Ronald B. Marks said that there are several of these strategy functions. Here is the explanation of this technique functions:

Providing product information to buyers

Of course, there are no prospective buyers who want to purchase a product if they do not know the complete product information. The product information, in this case, includes the product tutorial. For this reason, the seller needs to provide complete product information to prospective buyers. Not only that, but the seller must also provide product information clearly. With this, prospective buyers will interesting in buying products.

Providing services to buyers

When doing sales activity to prospective buyers, sellers are obliged to provide the best service for prospective buyers. Good service is the key to company product sales success. Why is this being a sales key success? With good service, buyers will feel satisfied when making a purchase. This will encourage the buyer to repurchase products the next day.

Doing sales activity to buyers

The main task of the seller is to sell the product to prospective buyers. The sellers certainly have their target. This target is set by the seller so that the product sales increase. Therefore, personal selling techniques are one of the ways that sellers can choose in doing sales activity. 

Characteristics of Personal Selling

personal selling

Every sales technique certainly has its characteristics, including personal selling techniques. This technique has several characteristics that can distinguish it from other sales techniques. One of the experts, Philip Kotler, also conveyed his idea of this strategy characteristics. According to him, this strategy has three characteristics. Here is the explanation of its characteristic:

Personal confrontation

In personal selling, there is communication between two or more parties. Where in this case, the parties involved are the seller and the buyer. This communication makes the parties involved know the needs of each other. This will encourage the adaptation process.


As previously stated, in this technique, there is communication between two or more parties. Where the parties involved are the buyer and the seller. Then this communication has the potential to bring up various types of new relationships between the parties involved. The relationship can be in the form of sales relationships to friend relationships.


Prospective buyers should appreciate the sales activity that the seller carries out. In this sales technique, prospective buyers should listen, pay attention, and respond to the seller. Because with something like this, prospective buyers appreciate the sales activity that the seller carries out.

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Personal Selling Forms 

Speaking of its forms, there are three forms of this technique. The first form is field selling. Field selling is a seller who conducts sales activities outside the company by going to every prospective buyer from house to house or from one company to another. The next form is retail selling. Retail selling is a seller who performs their sales activities by serving prospective buyers who come directly to the company or store. Then the last form of this technique is executive selling. Where executive selling has an understanding as a relationship that company leaders carry out with other company leaders. Not only with other company leaders, but this relationship can also occur with the government.

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Personal Selling Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like the other sales techniques, these techniques have some advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this sales technique? Here is the explanation:


With this sales technique, sellers will get convenience in conveying more related product information to prospective buyers. Providing this information aims to understand the needs of prospective buyers to develop relationships between sellers and buyers. Personal selling can also support two-way communication. The existence of two-way communication can remove doubts from prospective buyers in making product purchases. No less important, personal sales can also make sellers visit prospective buyers regularly.


It can be said that this technique has a limited range. This is because personal selling is a one-by-one promotional tool whose range is limited compared to other promotional tools. This sales technique also requires a lot of effort in terms of sales staff. Not only that, the use of this sales technique takes a lot of time to make customers interested in buying products sold. 

You can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to get the convenience of identifying potential leads and managing lead data. Facilitate monitoring of all sales activities such as meetings, follow-up with customers and various changes are well monitored.

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download skema harga software erp


The information provided above is expected to give new insights for readers about personal selling. This sales technique aims to increase the company’s products sales. Not only that, but this technique can also increase brand awareness of the company’s products. Speaking of the form of this technique, there are three forms of personal selling. These three forms are field selling, retail selling, and executive selling.

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personal selling

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