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Types and Examples of Brand Personality

Values and preferences can reflect a person’s personality. This also has an impact on the purchase decision. Customers buy a product not merely because of its functional benefits but because they indirectly display their individuality or personality. Most customers like a specific brand because they believe it represents their personality. Through the brand they use, it means they want to show who they are or who they want to be. As a result, we are familiar with brand personality, a component of brand image in which human traits are associated with the brand.

Brand personality is also one of the important factors that can encourage customers’ interest in buying the product or service.  The more consistent your brand personality is, the more probable it will be to enhance sales. In this situation, you require a qualified Retail System that can persuade buyers to purchase more products while increasing profits through the system’s automatic upselling and cross-selling recommendations. You can obtain further cost information by downloading Retail System pricing scheme estimates before adopting the software in your organization.

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The Definition

Brand personality is a group of human characteristics associated with a brand name. In short, it is how a brand would be defined if it were a person. This aims to make it easier for people to remember and learn about the brand. So, no wonder brand personality is closely related to consumers.

You need to remember that consistency is the key to success. An excellent brand can improve brand equity if your organization has a consistent personality at specific market segments. The key is consistently exhibiting your brand personality on the company website or social networks.

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How Does Brand Personality Work?

Brand personality impacts how people feel and think about the company or the brand, especially with the attachment of human characteristics. This supposes to elicit emotional responses from a specific segmentation. This also aims to attract positive action by purchasing or using your company’s goods or services.

Furthermore, brand personality becomes more critical in this digitalization era, where there is technological advancement in automation and artificial intelligence (AI).  As much as customers like the simplicity of internet shopping or have companies forecast their preferences, they still need personal interaction and direct service when making transactions with the company.

Types of Brand Personality

types of brand personality

The company’s brand personality is aims to elicit an emotional response in specific consumer segments, attracting interest, inciting, and calling to a positive action that benefits the company. Customers are more likely to buy or consume a brand with a similar personality, encouraging them to buy and remain loyal to the brand continuously. As a result, there are five types of brand personalities.

First, excitement. This personality type is easygoing, lively, and youthful, making it ideal for the younger generation. Second, sincerity. This personality type is suitable for gentle, thoughtful, and family-oriented people. Third, ruggedness is rough, tough, athletic, outdoorsy, and active. The fourth is competence. This type is successful, influential, accomplished, and exudes leadership. The last type is sophistication. A sophisticated personality type is excellent for individuals who prefer luxurious, expensive, and prestigious things. Also, this style is suitable for intermediate to upper customer segmentation.

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Importance of Brand Personality

Every organization strives to be the greatest in its respective industries. Business competition is not easy. Therefore, you must devise the most effective plan to compete with other brands. One approach is to shape and develop a brand personality. Companies must be able to define that since it differentiates and characterizes your brand from other brands. Customers will remember your brand if it has a distinct and consistent personality. Thus, their attention is entirely on your brand. From this, customers will identify the superior value or side of your brand that they appreciate compared to other brands so that they can decide to buy your product and provide high loyalty to your brand.

Furthermore, it can strengthen the company’s story, which is one of the reasons someone would be interested in utilizing or purchasing the items your company provides. Many customers are sensitive to brand stories. Moreover, if your brand story reflects their values, it will be easier to persuade customers.

Example of Brand Personality

Chanel and Nike

Some characteristics attached to the brand. It raises awareness of your brand’s existence and helps customers remember your company. For instance, Nike. Nike has a tagline for its marketing materials named “Just Do It” to its mission statement. The slogan Just Do It promises “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world,” by inspiring the athlete’s passion, enthusiasm, and energy.

Nike’s personality is description of a passionate sports fan, hard-working, innovative, and forward-focused athlete. Regarding wellness and fitness, Nike is description of a person who is interested in the latest and best sports.

Another example is Chanel. When we hear “Chanel,” the first words that come to mind are sophistication and luxury. As we can see from their mission statement, “To be the Ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever.” This aims for sophistication by focusing the segmentation on an upper-class, contemporary lifestyle, and glamorous, which can attract a high-spending consumer base.

In addition, Chanel’s Instagram page embodies the brand’s personality. The Chanel social media team uses a color palette combination to draw customers’ attention to one focal area, such as light yellows, soft blues, and large amounts of black space. The retro theme’s appearance and simple design communicate to the buyer that this brand’s personality is sophisticated.

If Chanel is portrayed as a person, then Chanel is a fashionista who is passionate about fashion, highly polished, never says the wrong thing or is naïve, and who is both refined and worldly.

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Customers purchase a product not merely of its functional benefits but because they indirectly show their identity or personality. Most customers enjoy a specific brand because they believe it embodies the consumer’s personality. A brand personality is a collection of human characteristics that attach to the brand name. This impacts how people feel and think about the company or the brand, especially with the attachment of human characteristics. This aims to elicit emotional responses from a specific segmentation. This is why modern web design is a crucial component for brand identity of the company, because users connect what the brand represents with the visuals they see.

As a result, there are five categories of brand personalities; excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence, and sophistication. Brand personality is another essential component that might persuade buyers to purchase a product or service. The more consistent your brand personality is, the more likely sales will increase. In this situation, you require a qualified Retail System that can encourage buyers to purchase more products while increasing profits through the system’s automatic upselling and cross-selling recommendations. If you are interested in this system, please contact us for a free demo and in-depth conversation with one of our business experts about Retail Software or other ERP Systems.

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