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Tips for Passing the Probation and Knowing What the Rules are

Probation period, usually the company gives to people who still have the status of a new employee. This offer will be given by the company to assess its quality during the trial period, of course, in the process the company also needs a competency management system to help improve employee performance. This stage aims to assess whether the person is suitable for obtaining a contract as a permanent employee.

Generally, the probation period is around three to six months. In general, KPI (Key Performance Index) and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) are factors in assessing whether the person passed or not.

Of course, to be able to pass the period, probation must first know about it. This time, we will discuss probation starting from the understanding, legal concepts, and tips. Check out the following article for more information.



Definition of Probation

Probation is when the company offers a temporary position before offering full employment (trial period). The professional career stages that all employees will later experience, and the working time when an employee is released from certain contract items.

Probation This is a crucial phase to continue your office contract. Companies can also use a probationary period for employees who occupy new positions or employees who have performance problems. Besides benefiting both parties in terms of the potential for long-term contracts, the most practical feature of the trial period is that it reduces the time to notify the contract company.

By using HRM Software for the company, it can reduce more time handling employees.

Legal Concepts of Probation

According to the law, probation is an obligation that the company must fulfill or carry out. If the employee agrees, the period of probation can serve both future employees and permanent employees. If the employee and the company agree on a probationary period, the company can immediately grant a trial period to prospective employees and permanent employees.

Law No. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower and strengthened by the Decree of the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No. 150 of 2000 concerning Settlement of Termination of Employment and Determination of Severance Pay, Service Period Rewards, and Company Compensation. The rules are as follows:

In addition, Article 58 Paragraph 1 of the Manpower Law No. 13/2003. It is clear that the probationary period for contract employees cannot be specified in a Specific Time Work Agreement (PKWT). It is different with employees employed by PKWTT or unlimited work contracts. The probationary period agreement must be stated in the contents of the agreement. If the company does not take this into account, the probationary period may be considered valid.

Employee Rights during the period Employees’ Probation

Rights during the probationary period are not much different from those of permanent employees. This applies to permanent employees, contracts, and employees during the probationary period. If the company does not fulfill these rights, the company can be subject to criminal sanctions for approximately one year. 

Not to forget, companies must pay holiday allowances to employees who work continuously for at least one month. This is Article 2 (1) of the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No. 6/2016, which regulates the payment of religious holidays for company employees/employees. Therefore, even if an employee works for more than a month during the probationary period, the employee is entitled to benefits.

Obligations of Employees during Probation

The main task of workers during the probationary period is to meet company expectations. However, to determine the performance of company employees can use the existing assessment categories. And which determines whether the employee will continue or not, depending on performance and based on the existing rating categories. 

The company is also evaluating employees’ performance during the probationary period, which is based on their ability to complete the work within the timeframe that both parties have agreed. In addition, employees must also give their best performance so that the company remains in the company. 

The company is measuring not only by the ability of the work we do but also by its suitability to the company culture. The more the employee’s attitude aligns with the company’s cultural values, the easier it is to adapt.

In this case, the company does not need to pay severance pay, long service awards, and compensation. This happens because severance pay only applies when the employment relationship with the permanent employee ends. Use HRM Software for the company to reduce more time handling this stuff.

Tips for Passing Probation

Tips for passing probation

If you are currently on probation, of course, do your best to get a promotion as a full-time employee. Here are some tips that we can do to pass the period of probation successfully.

Discipline of time

There is one thing we need to pay attention to. Don’t be late for the office. Don’t waste this trial period chaotically. Time discipline not only means coming to the office on time but also the discipline of working according to the goals and deadlines that the company has set. Use timesheet software to monitor employee performance in a company.

Complete responsibilities well

You should be able to fulfill as many responsibilities as possible. Also, communicate ideas and opinions as much as possible so that your boss and other coworkers can determine if you have good enough initiative.

Always give the best

No matter how small the work we have, never underestimate it and always do the best. Always keep this in mind and do your best to get the best results you get. Moreover, this is a trial period where everything is getting evaluated, and the company decides if it is worth continuing.

Cultivate asking questions

To find out more about your job or company, be proactive in asking questions. However, other people are usually busy with work, so you need to know when it’s a good time to ask. But when the time comes, let’s start asking questions. It can also be a topic of conversation that introduces other employees.



So the discussion in this article is about probation. After reading the article above, I expect that the reader understand probation, from understanding to tips on how to pass the probationary period.

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