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Tips for Optimizing Flower Shop Management

Having a flower shop is a promising business. With a small amount of money to start, you can generate profit it that reaches up to million rupiah.

It is that way because people’s needs for flowers never ceases. The needs for flowers or flower arrangements vary from room decorating, wedding decoration, presents, to condolences or congratulating message.

Although the needs is continuously there, it does not make every flower shop can obtain such marvelous profit easily. Flower shop management, just as other retail shops, requires a consistent effort to grow them. Moreover, these day, flower shop faces a strict business competition. If you fail to survive, you will be wiped away.

Sounds scary, eh?

To avoid that, you can read these tips for optimizing your management so that your flower shop’s existence stands still and increase your profit.

Fun fact: Did you know that the oldest record of flowers and flower arrangement use is from the Ancient Egypt dated in 2500 B.C?

Manage Your Inventory Effectively

What you’re selling is fresh flower, which means you have to control your inventory as effective as possible. Do it routinely.

You must do the inventory control to make sure that you have an enough amount of fresh flower, plants, equipment, accessories, and literally everything you use in your production. It will prevent you to have stale flowers unused that cause you loss.

An automatic inventory control will help you do the inventory control. Because the needs of flowers often fluctuates, an inventory system can predict how much inventory you will need in specific time. Therefore, you won’t have to experience shortage during the peak times or the opposite.

When  you own a vehement flower and accessories stocks, you don’t have to calculate it manually because everything is on the system.

An inventory system helps you control your cash flow and monitor which product delivers more profit and which that don’t.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Attract Your Customer and Make Them Come Back

You serve numbers of customers everyday? Good! Now, what you need to do is how to win their heart back again and again.

With customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can store your customers data in one database. You can use their personal data such as their birthday, family’s birthday, or their anniversary.

Those dates can help you recommend your customer what flowers or flower arrangements that they need. For example, you know that your customer’s wife birthday is on December. You can send them e-mail to recommend them the best flower types and color with particular meaning.

Moreover, you can send them a discount coupon a few days before their relatives’ birthday. You can also create a membership program with your own rule based on your customers’ purchase history.

Use a Sophisticated POS Software and Machine

Sometimes, when the demand of flower is on the peak, you and your employees is overwhelmed to record the purchase. With a sophisticated POS software and machine, you can do it much more easily.

A POS software allows you to do multi-payment option. The items in your POS can be customized, whether you want your product to be charged per flower or per bucket. It’s all up to you.

Furthermore, POS system integrates the other system such as the inventory, CRM, and accounting. You can also view whether certain flower is available or not and  make a payment that automatically connects to buyer’s data.


Those are the three tips for optimizing flower shop management. By automating it you can save a lot of time and money, and also minimizing human-error. You can get your business condition in real-time and attain the best strategy for its growth.

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Syifa Fadiyah
Syifa Fadiyah
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