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Business Tips: 7 Ways to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolution

The new year is coming. You probably are sitting at your desk, thinking about what new targets that you want to achieve. Planning a new year’s resolution will help direct you in growing your business more efficiently.

However, either it’s listening to your staff better or delegating tasks more productively, it’s hard to actualize it. You will find that sticking with your business resolutions is more difficult than the personal one. Why so?

If you don’t fulfill your personal resolutions, it doesn’t cost you anything. But business resolutions? Maybe not. If you’re not being accountable and careful, it might cause you losses for the business and may harm people who work with you. To avoid that, you may want to check these 7 tips to stick with your new year’s resolution.

Start with something realistic

When you are drafting the resolutions, the most important thing is making sure that they are realistic. So, don’t even think of writing down what you can’t achieve. You can start with some small targets that can easily be fulfilled. Clear targets that require you to be consistent.

Understand the reason behind it

If you decide that you want to achieve something just because of social and professional pressures, this year you should reassess it. If you don’t know the reason why you want to achieve particular targets, you won’t have enough motivation and passion to actualize it.

Without the stimulus, you might even clean forget that you have set those targets. So, the goals should come from you and you should understand it. Don’t let anyone drive you!

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Focus on some KPIs

While you’re drafting, determine the KPIs that you want to use for measuring your performance in fulfilling the targets. KPIs help you determine the value of every progress. Although every industry has different values, there are common values that you can use such as the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) or employee turnover rate (ETR).

Choose one or two KPIs and focus on improving it. By concentrating on some KPIs you will gain these benefits: First, you know that the metrics affect your company success, and second, you can measure that success in the future.

Plan it and visualize it

After you list all your new year’s resolution, make a strategy to achieve it. The plan does not only contain the steps to take, but also the reason why they should be taken. Those steps can be in the daily activities plan. Therefore, you can always have a reason to spare your time to review your goals.

You should put it somewhere where you can see it every day. It will remind you to check your progress and help you to be focused. Otherwise, those targets will be forgotten, drowned in the midst of your bulk routines.

Talk about your resolutions with someone

By sharing your plans with someone, you can have someone who can motivate you and encourage you to be consistent. Actually, the more people know about your resolution, the more eager you are in wanting your resolutions to come true.

Support from other people is really important, especially when you try to change something. You should take it gratefully when you have a support system that helps you to fulfill your resolution. You won’t regret it.

Delegate your tasks

If you’re resolutions good for business, don’t do it alone. Distribute the task to the people who work with you – both the staff and your business consultant. Therefore, it does not only help you meet the targets but also rendering autonomy in the workplace.

Moreover, address your goals. Tell them that they can expect a salary raise if you reach the milestone. It will motivate you to work hard. Imagine if you fail because you are not being consistent. You will let your team down.

Reward yourself

After you accomplish the targets and the expectations, you can reward yourself. It can be a day off, treating your team, or buy something out of your revenue. Making a new year’s resolution and sticking to it is not easy. So, those rewards will be worth it.


In the end, it’s only who can examine how hard you have worked for the resolutions. The tips above may help you in one condition: you should be accountable.

Happy new year!

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