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The Best Ways to Build Your Brand Awareness

When you visit a doctor because you had a stomachache, did your doctor told not to drink soft drinks or a “Coke”? It’s amazing how powerful the Coca Cola brand awareness is and make us called every soft drink as Coke (sorry Pepsi).

We can say that Coca Cola has successfully reached the highest level of brand awareness. Although reaching this level requires a lot of time and effort, your company can raise its brand awareness or products.

So, is there any effective way to increase your company/product brand awareness? Here are some of them:

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Run a referral program to increase brand awareness

Word of mouth promotion is still one of the best methods to market your products. As long as your customers gain one or two benefits from it, they will not hesitate to promote your products to their friends or colleagues. The best example of the referral program was done by Dropbox.

By referring the app to their friends and families, the customer got a 500MB extra storage for every new account created using their referral link. With this, Dropbox manages to save a lot of money for paid advertising.

Use infographics to present data

The best way to display a hefty amount of data without make those who read it end up bored is by presenting it on infographics. Instead of tables, infographics make the data look interesting and easier to understand.

This method is pretty common in the media industry, either print or electronic media. But recently, marketers have started to implement this method to make the content they made looks better and shareable throughout social media. There are a lot of articles that end up viral since there’s an infographic within it.

Build brand awareness with freemium content

Freemium is popular for companies that sell online products. The company offers a basic product for their customer for free. But when the customer wants to upgrade their product to get more features, they have to buy it.

Many online products such as antivirus and video games are being sold with this kind of method, which is pretty effective in building the product’s brand awareness. Some brands that applied this method for their products are Avira, AVG Antivirus, and WinRAR.

Create a unique personality

Have you ever watch the Old Spice or Dollar Shave Club commercial video? If you haven’t, we suggest you watch it on YouTube. The commercial video is so unique and able to create a special impression in you.

This is what we called a unique personality. Just by mentioning a product, you can recall vividly the commercial video. For those who already saw the Old Spice commercial earlier, did you picture the man on the horse? We did.

Hire an influencer or two

Social media such as Instagram and Facebook are highly popular among millennials. Either just socializing with friends and families, to looking for the latest fashion reference is the function of social media.

But for business people, social media is a tool to build their company’s brand awareness. The best tool to do this task is by hiring an influencer. An Instagram celebrity with millions of followers endorsing your products is way more effective than offline advertising such as billboards.

But you have to match the followers’ segmentation of the influencer you want to hire. If you want to market beauty products, female influencers are the best option for you. You don’t want to market your product to the wrong people. Aside from wasting money, the influencer won’t endorse your product.

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