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How to Implement Strategic Leadership in Your Business

Learning about strategic leadership is essential since it doesn’t come naturally. Therefore, it is important to teach yourself regarding the characteristics you want to form to be a better leader. We’ve summarized several things you need to accomplish in order to be a strategic leader. But before that, let’s find out what exactly a strategic leadership is. In fact, a lot of businessmen are taking a special leadership training to achieve this skill. The best ERP system can assist you to improve your leadership skill. However, you’re also able to build it up by following these tips.

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What Is Strategic Leadership?

Strategic leadership is the ability to anticipate, dream, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and to work with others to start a change that will create a better future for the organization. There are important things, including characteristics, that you’ll need to underline in order to build this skill within yourself.

How To Be A Strategic Leader?

These are the seven important elements you’ll have to apply, making you a greater leader in your organization.

1. Build a strong communication

strategic leadership requires a stronger communication

Without effective communication, a strategic leadership can’t be implemented. You may have a clear vision toward what you want to achieve. However, if you can’t precisely convey it to your team or colleagues, it certainly will be tough to achieve your goals.

On condition that you’re not communicating clearly regarding your goals, your team won’t have any direction on what they should do. This also will lead to a misunderstanding. You probably won’t expect people to understand your goals if it’s not conveyed properly.

As a leader, it is required for you to connect your team as a whole. Explain your goals comprehensively without any rush needed. Allow every member of the team to ask questions and give feedback.

To help you in building a more effective communication, consider using an ERP system that will integrate all departments. HashMicro provides you the most versatile ERP system to assist your operational process. With this system, every individual in your organization will be able to collaborate and make use of information that comes from the same source.

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2. Be a good listener

be a good listener to build leadership
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Although communicating your goals effectively is one of the most important characteristics, it is also important to be all ears for your team. It is not guaranteed that every leader is a good listener even if they are a good speaker.

Spare some of your time to listen to their complaints or problems that your employee came across. Aside from helping you to build morals, it makes your organization become a better place since you gained feedback from the frontliners.

The leaders who listen to their employees are more successful. It happens naturally since they  have the needed knowledge to solve problems, improve product qualities or services, and also build a stronger company culture. Hence, it boosts the overall business quality.

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3. Possess desire and commitment

Showing enthusiasm towards the projects you’re working on will have the same effect on your employees since they’re able to see and perceive your dedication. Even so, having passion alone is not enough. You need to add commitment to that. Commitment refers to the ability to stay engrossed on what will lead you to success. 

With that being said, you need to start implementing it and put the blueprint for your employees so these tips will work effectively. When the leaders are working with their employees and giving equal or more effort as them, it’ll also increase the team’s motivation significantly. To work efficiently, you can utilize ERP software to simplify your operational process.

When you indicate that you are indeed a leader, you work as hard as your employees, and showing commitments, you’ll obtain a huge respect from your team.

4. Think and act positively

The overall productivity of your team will increase if they are being led and surrounded by contented people. Positive acts can be anything from greeting your employees kindly, to sending them heartwarming messages. Of course, there has to be a balance between productive and non productive hours. Still, do your best to create a positive working environment.

Some leaders are putting way too much focus on what their business lacks without acknowledging the achievements they made. Certainly, you need to put your guards on regarding any problems. But, you also need to pay attention to what you achieved and might as well, commemorate it. To help keep track of your achievements, consider implementing the best ERP system.

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5. Show empathy in your workplace

You don’t have to be the therapist in your organization. Having empathy means you’re trying to understand your team’s problems by following their steps. Practicing empathy will build a strong relationship since you are raising awareness regarding the team’s obstacles and needs, instead of ignoring what’s happening around you.

Aside from interpersonal benefits, empathy also acts as a support to help you achieve your goals. When you fully understand what it requires to make use of the sources, skills, and project you have, you’ll be able to make better and realistic decisions.

For example, the marketing team may need an internal web developer to polish up the company’s website. Or the sales team needs an updated CRM system to reach their targets. If all these needs are heard of, your employees will feel valued and it’ll boost their performance.

Having empathy will obtain you respect from your employees. Thus, operating business’ strategies will be easier since they know exactly what they need to finish their tasks.

6. Implement your company culture with modesty

Modesty is one of the most respected strategic leadership characteristics. A modest leader acknowledges their fault, and apologizes if needed. These acts make you more humane and seen more pleasantly. This is also the best practice to empower and respect others.

Don’t just practice modesty with others, but also with your plans and process. It means admitting that you are still lacking and even some of the best strategies have their own shortcomings. By leaving your ego out, you’ll be ready to help your organization climb to a higher degree.

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7. Master tactical art and diplomacy

Honesty is always the best policy. However, strategic leadership often requires you to be wise. Diplomacy means the ability that helps you manage conflicts effectively by using negotiation and sensitivity. It needs an unbiased and strategic approach to solve the problems. As Henry Kissinger defined, diplomacy is an art of increasing authority.

A conflict between disagreement and priority couldn’t be avoided when you’re planning and implementing strategies. Surprisingly, having different views makes your organization stronger. But sometimes, it is a bit difficult to manage, especially in the short term. Strategic leadership allows you to navigate these difficulties and rearrange it to a condition that will benefit both sides.


Leaders hold an important role within their team. That is exactly why having strategic leadership is considered essential to help you achieve your goals better. You need to build a better and stronger relationship with your employees. This can be done by being a good listener, working as hard as your employee, thinking and acting positively and the list goes on. However, you may want to consider an ERP system to help you minimize miscommunication and misunderstanding in the operational system that could lead to discoordination of your employees.

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