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STP Marketing: Effective Strategy during Pandemic

The success of a business cannot be separated from the marketing that the business has done. Marketing is one of the main activities in a business to develop the business and increase the company’s profit. STP marketing strategy is the entire process from planning to implementing marketing strategy in a business.

STP is one of the effective marketing strategies because there is an analysis in it. This strategy can maintain and grow your business because it has an effective and controlled method. STP is suitable during pandemics like now because you can use it for online or offline marketing. A successful marketing strategy can achieve the target correctly, efficiently in the implementation, and it is by the planning in the marketing strategy.

What is STP Marketing?

STP marketing is a marketing strategy that has three sets of processes in its application to become a strategy in a business. This strategy is useful for all industries and various ways of marketing both online and offline. STP is useful for building image, brand image, and also marketing overall.


This stage aims to categorize or classify all potential target products that you want to launch. After that, you need to subdivide the sections based on buyers and needs, behavioral characteristics, age, place of residence, income, and many more. You must pay attention to the segmentation because it will be related to the next stage, targeting, and positioning.


The second stage of STP is to determine the target market of the product you want to sell. After that, the next step is to evaluate the various segments and decide which one will be your target market. To determine this, you need to survey to find out so that you can find the right target. You can take your survey more than once to make sure the survey results match what you want. If necessary, take several samples of the consumers you are targeting or several trusted sources as survey material to get maximum results.


This is the STP stage which aims to develop a marketing strategy and build an image of how the market will see the goods you sell and also your competitors. This positioning will show what the difference between your product and competitors is. This position also includes what are the advantages and disadvantages of the products you offer compared to competitors. You need to consider and find out later what makes your customers prefer your product over competitors.

Segmentation in STP Marketing


This is a segmentation that you can do by dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables such as gender, age, income, race, education, marital status, occupation, and others. Its function is to make it easier for you to determine your target market and customer needs.


This segmentation divides the market into different groups according to social class, lifestyle, personality related to customer attitudes. This psychographic uses human psychological characteristics such as values, goals, characters, lifestyles to consumer interest in certain trends to be used as a segmentation parameter. You need to understand that each individual has their character that will influence their decision when they want to buy some product. You can get this data through surveys.


You also need to know in detail about the domicile of your target customers when creating an STP marketing strategy. The domicile is the country, city, village, sub-district, or the housing they live in. This will make it easier for you to recognize the culture and also the way they communicate so you can maximize the product advertisements that you will launch later. Once you know this, you can create and customize the product campaigns that you create to make them more attractive to your target consumers. You can also determine an effective time estimate in attracting consumers according to their regions.


This is also an important point in determining the target market and segmentation. The belief in this is not only about religion, but also includes political beliefs, culture, and various ​​principles in life. This aspect is important so that your message is conveyed well to the target consumer.

Determining the STP Marketing Target Market

Consider each segmentation and also the resources you already have in determining the target market. You also need to analyze the potential of the target market so that it can continue to grow. Also, make sure that the profits you get are not reduced even though you have a small target market segmentation. Each existing segmentation will certainly have advantages and also risks when you choose a target.

After that, compare all the segmentation and target markets that you have created and conduct a survey to maximize it. In determining the target, there are many patterns of choice that you can use as a reference for selection, such as focusing on one segmentation, choosing several segments based on certain advantages, focusing on providing the needs of certain groups, and others.

Positioning on STP Marketing

This step is when you determine the method in positioning your brand or product on the target and segmentation. In this step, you need to determine which marketing model you think will be most effective. You also need to consider later what will make consumers prefer your product over similar competitor products.

After that, you can identify the number of unique sales and then create a positioning map to analyze how each segmentation and your target market views your product. The final step requires you to pay attention to the wants and needs of your target market and then ensure that the products you provide can satisfy those needs.


STP is a marketing strategy that is suitable for you to use during a pandemic because you can apply it for online or offline marketing. There is not much difference in the application of marketing strategies for conventional businesses or online businesses. But some businesses require a more complex STP marketing strategy that you also need to control to achieve the effect you desire.
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