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Starting a Business in the Pandemic Situation

Sunday, December 20, 2020. HashMicro collaborates with Bhinneka.com, one of the e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, in a webinar entitled “Building a Business in Pandemic Era,” which is held online. The speaker for this session was Lusiana Lu as the Business Development Director of HashMicro. This webinar discusses the process of starting a business, the challenges to be faced, and the opportunities for 2021.

The topic of starting a business during a pandemic was chosen based on the current situation. The existence of COVID-19 has resulted in many people losing their livelihoods, so they have to think about other alternatives to meet their daily needs.

According to Lusiana Lu, starting a business must see opportunities in the long term and not just follow trends. For example, HashMicro, founded in 2018, aims to fill the gap between the market and existing ERP software solution providers. He considered that at that time, other software had not fully answered corporate needs, was less scalable and required high investment costs.

The ERP system itself is part of the B2B business that attracts the attention of many stakeholders because it affects all aspects of the company, such as operational management processes. So that it is believed to have a good market, then expansion to Indonesia is carried out.

Of course, the company’s development process is not free from challenges. Initially, HashMicro had to find the right human resources and also had to compete with local competitors. Therefore, HashMicro develops a system that can be customized according to company needs and funds.

In order for a business to survive for a long time, it requires the roles of all parties involved. Leaders must have discipline and strong determination, but on the one hand, they must also be realistic. This attitude is needed to assess when change is needed and adapt in dealing with these conditions. Because there will always be changes.

In addition, other employees must also form a competent team—people who have high motivation to achieve the same goal, namely to develop the company.

Speaking of candidates, HashMicro has a special module to help recruiters find people who match the criteria of the team and company, namely management recruitment. This system can help screen candidates so that recruiters can make the right decisions about who to choose.

One of the steps to increase company productivity is to focus on creative areas, not only administration and operations. It will be difficult for a company to grow if it is too centered on administration. Therefore, HashMicro will help to automate this area so that employees can use their time and effort for other jobs.

The activity, which was moderated by representatives of the Bhinneka.com Social Channel Team, Dina, went well and can be watched through the official Bhinneka.com Youtube channel.

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