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Scrum is An Effective Method in Project Management

When you are working on a project, you will often encounter problems and difficulties. To be able to overcome these problems and difficulties, you need to find the right solution. The Scrum method is one of the right methods for you to use in project management. Basically, Scrum is a method to help find solutions and solve problems to make teamwork effective. With this, Scrum can resolve the issue. This method can also help develop new products and ideas. Then, what are the advantages of the scrum method? Read this article carefully.

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Definition of Scrum

Scrum is a framework that is used to find a solution or solve a problem. The approach used by the Scrum method is agile. Agile is a set of methods or practices that conform to the values ​​and principles set out in the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto includes many things such as self-organizing or team members, multifunctional teams, and synergistic collaboration. This method is not the only method that uses the Agile approach. There are also methods of Extreme Programming (XP), which also uses the Agile approach in developing software engineering.

The first figures who introduced Scrum were Takeuchi and Nonaka in the article “The New New Product Development Game” released in 1986 by the Harvard Business Review (HBR). The article explains that they surveyed large companies in Japan such as Fuji, Honda, Canon, and 3M. The survey contains how the company can launch a new product that is successful and in high demand in the market. And both found the fact that these companies use the same method in developing their products. Then the method was first developed by Jeff Sutherland, Easel Corporation, in 1993 and formulated and presented in 1995 with the title “Scrum Development Process. This method you can use to manage projects also solves problems with communication between team members.

The Advantages of Scrum

 The following are the advantages of the Scrum method:

  • Have strong communication and lots of interaction
  • Organizing yourself with a focus on the work team
  • Requires minimal documentation because Scrum has a to-the-point approach to assigning tasks and asking for progress.
  • The team in the Scrum method is a cross-functional team so that they can work together in a whole unified team.
  • Have a repetitive rhythm to complete work one by one within a maximum period of one month.
  • This method is also effective in making team members feel more trusted, and also you will know which team members are experts in their fields and can do their jobs, so they are not left behind.

Steps to Apply Scrum Method

scrum framework
Source: scrum.org

The first step in implementing Scrum is to start a simple project in a short amount of time. With it, you will help the team to have a mindset that fits the Scrum method. In applying this method, of course, there will be likes and dislikes, and that is normal. Therefore, you must help your team to get it right before they give up. If someone gives up and decides to leave, let someone else take his place. These are the following steps to get started with the Scrum method:

  1. Define your first Scrum team

Members of this team can consist of five to nine people. Make sure all these members have good communication and cooperation. Each member needs to have a combination of abilities to become a developer, tester, supporter, designer, analyst, etc. This team will be responsible for producing and presenting it at the end of the project. You can manage your team with HRM System that HashMicro provides.

  1. Determine the sprint time

Sprint time is the time interval between one week and one month and is generally the same as the project time. You need to set a deadline in the planning meeting and the team must also be committed to completing this project. When it’s time for the end of the sprint, you need to review and demonstrate the results of your work. After that, you need to inspect the improvements and quality to run better for the next sprint.

  1. Choose someone to be a Scrum master

The Scrum Master is the catalyst for a group. A catalyst is someone who causes changes and new events to occur or accelerates an event. This master will ensure that all teams work well, effectively, and progressively. If a problem or bottleneck occurs, the Scrum master will process it and help to resolve it. He can also be referred to as the project manager on a team and should assist the team in planning the next sprint.

  1. Define product owner

The product owner is responsible for ensuring a team can produce a product that can later be presented and marketed to consumers. The product owner usually provides the terms and conditions of the product and then prioritizes specific components in its manufacture. HashMicro’s manufacturing software provides advanced features that allow users to perform quality control & repair tracking quickly and comprehensively.

  1. Create an initial product backlog

The product backlog is a list of prioritized work to the development team according to the roadmap and requirements. The list can also be in the form of consumer wants and expectations for the project. The most important reports will be located at the top to arrange neatly and orderly based on the importance of reports from consumers.

  1. Make a plan and try to start the first sprint

Once you have a priority product backlog, you can start the first sprint, and the team picks up work from the top of the list first. After that, the team needs to brainstorm and decide how many tasks to complete in the next sprint.

  1. Try closing the stream and start the next sprint

If the end of time has been reached and all work plans have been completed, then the team can decide whether the remaining work will be sent in the next sprint or put back into the backlog. When a team has done its job, it needs to retrospectively discuss what went well and what team could improve next. After that, you can start the sprint planning meeting for the next sprint and the process will repeat itself.


That is an explanation of the Scrum method that you can apply for various purposes. Scrum is a framework that you can use to implement development with Agile methods. To implement it, you need to do seven steps so that in the process you can get maximum benefits. In addition to the Scrum method, you can also work on your projects with Project Management System from HashMicro. With this software, you can complete projects precisely, work as a team efficiently, make it easier to distribute tasks, manage budgets, and make maximum use of resources. Schedule a free product demo now to apply this system to your business and projects.

scrum is

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