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How to do Resign from Your Job Professionally

In the course of a person’s career, there are times when they want to resign from the job he is in. There are various reasons why in the end an employee decides to resign, such as want to to have a professional service, or move to another company . Of course, this decision is not an easy one. They need time to think about it until they are sure to make a resignation.

In addition, the decision of an employee to resign must also have the right reasons and ways. Do not let the employee who resigned even leave a bad impression in his place of work. Because of course, this will also affect the career of the person, even in his new place of work later.

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What is Resign?


Resign is a process in the course of a person’s career, where employees will leave their jobs voluntarily. In a sense, he will give up his responsibilities in the job.

If an employee resigns, then there are some consequences that he will accept. One of them is the loss of benefits, ranging from salary to employment insurance. Therefore, before an employee decides to resign, it requires a lot of careful consideration and can understand the consequences.

In addition, after an employee decides to resign, then make sure that he will get a better career and can improve what made him decide to resign from his previous job. For example, if from the previous company an employee feels unable to improve the ability and career path that is not clear, then the employee must get a job that can fulfill his wishes.

The Right Reason to Resign

Before resigning, an employee must also think of the right reasons. Do not let the decision to resign even make the employee leave a bad impression due to the wrong reasons in resigning. Here are some good reasons to resign at work:

The company’s business is unstable

In general, an employee highly depends on his income in the company where he works. Therefore, the business processing factor of the company becomes a determinant for employees. 

If the company’s business situation is unstable, then the employee is worried about his career and decides to resign before bad things happen.

Want to make a career change

Sometimes some employees have a good position in their work. However, he feels less satisfied and uncomfortable because his job is not something he is interested in. If an employee feels very eager to pursue his dream career, then resigning will be a decision that he must take.

However, please note that changing the career journey is not an easy thing in the world of work. So, make sure that the decision to be taken is right and ready to live the consequences.

Want to develop yourself or continue your education

There are times when a person feels saturated with the work he does and wants a brighter career. This makes him have the desire to develop himself for the better.

Of course, to develop themselves and continue their education, resigning is the right decision so that the employee can focus on his education. In addition, the employee will also easily divide the time when he should study and rest.

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In addition to salary, there are several factors that affect a person’s comfort in work, including the environment, workload, and facilities that the employee will get such as training and so on.

Therefore, when an employee is less comfortable with these things, and finds new opportunities for his career, then resigning is the way out and do not hesitate to make the decision if a better opportunity is in sight.

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The Right Way to Resign

In addition to preparing excuses, employees must also have a strategy to apply for resignation. Of course, this makes the employee still look professional. Some of the ways to apply for resigning are as follows:


Decide the right time to resign

In resigning, an employee also needs to choose when the time is right. This is to avoid misunderstandings with superiors and co-workers. There are several good times to resign, such as:

  1. Towards the turn of the year

In most companies, the end of the year is the time for them to end their annual work duties. In addition, by applying for resignation at the end of the year, the management of income tax has been completed.

  1. The project or task for which it is responsible has been completed

Usually, an employee will hold responsibility for a task. Do not let the job be abandoned just like that because it will make the image of the employee become an irresponsible person and later there is a possibility of the boss making a bad work certificate.

  1. After receiving benefits or Religious Holiday Allowance

It never hurts to apply for resigning after getting a Religious Holiday Allowance. That way, the extra income that exists will be an emergency fund if you do not have a definite job.

  1. See the right situation in the company

Choose a situation where the company is not in a precarious condition or is being hectic with a project or business that is running. This will make the boss judge the employee as a professional person and remain responsible for his work.

Tell the reason for resigning to the boss

On The Balance Careers page, explaining that if an employee expresses his desire to resign to the boss, it makes the boss judge that an employee is a professional person. Express the desire to resign for logical reasons and language that remains polite.

Prepare a resignation letter

In addition to submitting a resignation submission, employees also need to prepare a letter of resignation and still write down the reasons why they should decide to resign from the job.

Say goodbye to work partners

To maintain a good relationship, it never hurts to break up with coworkers and superiors. Because after all, they are the ones who have helped you during your work at the company.



The decision to resign is something that needs to be thought about over and over again. Do not let the decision to resign instead make the employee’s image look bad and destroy a career in a new company. The decision should still look wise and portray the professional image of an employee.

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