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QRIS, Advanced Technology That Is Beneficial For All Of Us

QRIS is a payment system. QRIS itself, which is the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code. Furthermore, this QR code combines several types of QR codes in implementing payment system services (PJSP). They are used to standardize Bank Indonesia for all digital-based companies engaged in finance, such as fintech (financial technology). Bank Indonesia stated that QRIS functions to standardize various QR codes from multiple Payment System Service Providers (PSJP). So this can help to buy and sell activities quickly, easily, and safely.

As mentioned earlier, as stipulated in PADG No.21/18/2019 regarding the Implementation of International QRIS Standards for payments, PJSP providers, both foreign and domestic, must use a standardized QR code when transacting digitally with a QR code.

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Four Advantages of QRIS

Of course, QRIS has advantages when we compare it to the usual dynamic QR code in digitally transacting. Here’s an explanation:


Universal, because with QRIS, you only need a QR code to accept all payments. So there is no need to bother using various payment applications.


Using QRIS is very easy. You only need one scan through the phone, and all digital transactions are successful.


Another advantage, very profitable for traders/sellers. Because with just one QR code, they no longer need to deal with different payment rates.


All digital payments will take place in real-time.

Purpose of Using QRIS

aims to simplify all digital payments. If we compare it with paying through many other applications, it is pretty complicated and time-consuming. However, the existence of QRIS will overcome all these problems.

Now there are various types of payment applications that the people of Indonesia actively use. Currently, 38 e-wallets have been officially licensed in Indonesia. This shows that the cashless society in Indonesia is getting wider and the need for a national QR code standard is even greater.

So it is undeniable that the purpose of this QR code is to make it easier for the public, both consumers and traders, to complete transactions digitally.

Benefits of QRIS as a Merchant

As we discussed earlier, QRIS is very profitable, both for sellers. Here’s an explanation of the advantages for traders:

Easier Transaction

What traders/sellers need if they want to use QRIS is enough with one QR code. This can make it easier for them to make buying and selling transactions.

More Payment Alternatives

Consumers will have the freedom to use payment methods. But buyers don’t need to bother because only by having QRIS can they accept various digital payment methods. So this will increase purchases and non-cash payments.

Prevent Fraud

Today there are still many frauds. However, this QRIS, it can minimize all forms of fraud. For example, when many frauds use counterfeit currency, the QR code can prevent this because QRIS will do all transactions digitally.

Easy to Register as a Merchant

In addition, standardized QR codes make it easier for merchants to no more prolonged need to register their stores with various other payment applications. Simply by registering with QRIS, the shop or business can easily accept payments from anywhere.

Practically Monitored and Analyzed

It will record all transaction history using QRIS. This makes it easier to monitor in real-time, and all store financial management will be easier.

QRIS Benefits for Consumers

Multiple Payment Alternatives

Of course, the advantage that most satisfies consumers is that we have the freedom to do digital transactions. No more worrying about which payment method is better than the other. If the store has implemented QRIS, it can use all payment applications to make transactions because the QR code embedded in it is standardized.

Fast Transaction

All digital payments that use standardized QR codes aim to be faster and more practical when compared to cash payments. It has the advantage of no longer waiting for the cashier to find change and other problems, and this digital payment method is even more hygienic during this pandemic.


In the end, we know how helpful this standardized QR code is for our daily transactions. It makes it easier for us in many ways, both as consumers and as traders.

If you are interested in using it in your shop or business transactions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Hashmicro has Retail POS Software that enables the QRIS payment system to simplify the transaction process. Click here if you are interested in registering and collaborating with us.

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