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Public Relation is One of the Keys to Company’s Success

Now it is time for the public to understand the real power of public relation (PR) or natural public relations. During this time, you may have tended to think that a PR practitioner has a “fun job” and only has the job of talking to the media all the time. But of course, for public relations, it is a fun job.

However, some things are far more critical and exciting than being a PR practitioner. Namely, the company’s competency management system makes them brand builders, presenters, and messengers of the company to a wide audience, communication command centers, main generators of a company or organization, and many more. So, are you interested in becoming a PR practitioner? Please refer to the following understanding, duties, and challenges of a PR to find out more.

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What is Public Relation?

Public relation is a process of interaction between organizations and the community to create a public opinion, develop understanding, convey perceptions, foster motivation, and generate public participation.

This process aims to mutual benefit, instill a good perception, and build understanding and trust between the public and the company to create a good image of the organization or company. 

Another definition of public relations describes the ongoing effort to build and maintain mutual understanding between organizations and society.

According to Frank Jefkins, the definition of PR is something that summarizes the overall planned communication, both inside and outside the organization, with its publics to achieve specific goals based on mutual understanding.

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What are the Purposes of Public Relation

Up to this point, many of you may not understand what the primary purpose of PR practitioners for organizations is. Why do companies need public relations? Here’s an explanation  The primary purpose of PR or public relations is to build and maintain a positive reputation for the company/brand/product/service, as well as foster and maintain strategic relationships with the public, potential customers, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders, which are expected to produce results. Positive ones. The image formed is expected to reflect the company/organization as an honest, successful, and relevant party. 

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Even though today’s marketing techniques have been very advanced, even including the presence of marketing automation software to enhance relationships with customers and optimize marketing, companies still need a public relations role. Why are public relations the key to the success of every business ? Public relations acts as a brand communicator who builds the company’s image in the public eye, and of course it is not an easy thing.

According to Rosary Ruslan (2001, p.246), the objectives of public relations are as follows: 

  • To develop a positive corporate image for the external public or the public and consumers. 
  • Promotion of mutual understanding between the target group and the company. 
  • Develop synergies between marketing and public relations functions. 
  • Effective in building brand awareness and recognition.
  • Marketing Mix Support.

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Roles of a Public Relation

After the explanation of the objectives of PR above, the following are the duties of PR practitioners, including:

  1. Designing corporate communication programs, especially those with perceptions or images
  2. Carrying out corporate communication functions effectively planned and sustainable 
  3. Conduct evaluation and monitoring of ongoing communication programs or activities 
  4. Provide information for affiliated companies regarding the steps the company wants to address problems or make changes to improve 
  5. Obtain information on behalf of the company from external or public parties 
  6. Management of the company’s internal communication media 
  7. Provide answers to questions, complaints, or inputs that affect the company 

Furthermore, do you think PR practitioners only perform external functions? Not. PR or public relations practitioners also have internal duties for the company, namely:

  1. Creating an internal communication program internal communication 
  2. Carrying out audits 
  3. Creating vertical and horizontal communication channels 
  4. Motivating employees 
  5. Avoiding and resolving conflicts

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Essential Techniques That Public Relation Need

Using public relations, which is how you communicate with people inside and outside of your organization, you can build lasting relationships. You must be an expert in a variety of public relations techniques to be successful, including research, creative thinking, time management, and knowledge of other cultures. Here are essential techniques that particularly need of public relation: 


To support public relations work, every public relation staff member needs training and education in journalism. At least PR practitioners master some reporting and news writing techniques, tips and features of article writing, interview techniques, journalistic language, and other things related to journalism or writing skills.

PR is expected to support institutional activities such as writing press releases, advertorials, bulletins, internal magazines, and company profiles by mastering writing skills.

Visual communication

Besides having to master writing skills, PR practitioners are also expected to present information convincingly to the public, media, and internal company members. 


Because the media can lead public opinion to create positive sentiments to negative sentiments about a company or organization, public relations must build and have good relationships with media crews.

Public management

Public influences the growth and competitive strength of an organization or company; therefore, good general management skills can facilitate business penetration into various segments.

Interpersonal relationship

Still related to building relationships with the media and the public, building relationships with these parties certainly requires good and correct interpersonal skills. There is no offense between the company’s internal and external parties.

Challenges as a Public Relations 

Before becoming a publicist or PR, the biggest challenge was there on the experience of the candidates have. Handling all public relations duties is no easy task, so candidate experience is often an essential aspect of hiring. In addition to a better understanding of the specifics of public relations, experienced candidates are also more resistant to stress and pressure.

As long as you are a practitioner of public relations, later, you will always face times when someone or a team does not appreciate the role of public relations. Public relations work has a significant influence, especially when the public views the company negatively. Usually, the public, especially the media team, will ask all public relations questions when experiencing specific problems.

It is not an easy task to manage all the tasks assigned to PR. That’s why candidate experience is often essential. Therefore consideration during the recruitment process happens. In addition to having a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of PR, experienced candidates are judged to be more able to withstand pressure.

The recruitment process may be a complicated process for a company. Thus, many companies now use the HR system to simplify their recruitment processes. This system allows businesses to automate their screening process, streamline the candidate search, and get recommendations for the most suitable candidate. Therefore, HR software will help companies in search for the right PR. 

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From the explanation above, we can conclude that public relations have an orientation and responsibility to the company to build a positive image for the organization or company. Therefore, any positive and negative responses are very influential for the company, and public relations is the proper division to manage the situation.

public relation

In addition to relying on the public relations division to build good relations with the media, it is also necessary to establish good relationships with clients in developing the company. Increase lead conversion with The Best CRM Software from HashMicro, which can help you monitor sales activities such as meetings, follow-up with clients, and various changes will be appropriately monitored. Try now!

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