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The Advantages of PDCA in Solving Company Problems

There are many ways to solve problems in a company, one of them is PDCA. This cycle or method is also known as the Deming cycle or the Shewhart cycle. You can also apply this method to make changes or improvements in a business. In addition, this method is also commonly used to control quality. However, this method has various and quite wide uses.


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Definition of PDCA

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The Plan Do Check Act cycle, is a management model developed by William Edwards Deming originally proposed by American physicist Walter Andrew Shewhart for continuous improvement of processes or individuals. This management cycle is widely used by manufacturing companies, management companies, and others. As the name suggests, this is an iterative cycle. This cycle can help a business or company get out of economic stagnation. In addition, this cycle can also create and develop a system that is always evolving and changing for the better. If you want to develop your company, you can use this method.

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The Four Phases in PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)


Plan is the first stage in the PDCA cycle. In this stage, planning is carried out using the 5W technique and the root cause analysis technique. In this stage, you can create hypotheses and goals so that the results are as expected. Before you move on to the next step, you need to know a few things. They are like the main problem you want to solve and the resources to solve it. In addition, you also need to know the solutions and measures to determine the success of PDCA.

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At this stage, you need to start executing the things that you have planned. These include small tests to measure the results of the solutions you have planned. You have to find the best solution that will give you the result you expect. At this stage, it is possible that things that you did not expect will appear. For that, you should be calmer in dealing with new problems that appear. For this stage to be successful, you also need to set standards so that everyone involved in the process understands their duties and responsibilities well.

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This stage is the stage where you do the inspection. According to Wikipedia, this stage aims to monitor and evaluate the process and results against targets and results reports. You also need to check whether the standards you apply are met. Therefore, you must do this step carefully. Problems that occur in the Do stage, you must solve at the Check stage. You can do the Do and Check stages repeatedly until the results are perfect.

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This stage is the final stage in PDCA. When you have reached this stage, it means that all aspects of the process have been improved by you based on the evaluation of the Do and Check stages. Although this is the final stage, the entire PDCA process will still be repeated. After this stage is complete, the PDCA model has developed into a new standard for a company. As this process repeats itself, try to keep making improvements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PDCA

Advantages of PDCA

The first advantage of PDCA is in terms of flexibility. You can use PDCA for various types of businesses and applications. Not only manufacturing, you can also apply PDCA to project management, change management, product development, as well as resource development. Not only that, the PDCA model is also simple and easy for you to understand by anyone who wants to do it. Although simple, the results are very effective in bringing about change, solving problems, and also increasing efficiency in work. Therefore, PDCA is quite popular.

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Disadvantages of PDCA

Although PDCA is simple, it is still not easy for you to implement. The Plan Do Check Act is a model that divides the process into small steps, causing the process to run slowly. This slow process becomes less suitable when faced with urgent problems. Not only that, PDCA is also an ongoing process so you need a full commitment in carrying it out. If you don’t commit, PDCA won’t be effective in the long term.

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From this explanation, it can be concluded that PDCA is a framework or management method in which there is a Plan, Do, Check, and Act cycle. In general, this framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you still need to know this especially if you are someone who has an important role in the company. This can help your company in maximizing the management process in a better way. When the company is able to maintain quality and knows how to do management, the company can continue to grow and may open new branches.


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