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Understand What is Media Communication To Streamline Your Business

As human beings who are social creatures, we communicate every day. Good when talking with others to get information from various media. That’s why it’s so important to discuss communication media. Because good communication is very useful in the world of work, business, and life in general. Then what are the various communication media that you can use in your daily life and for business purposes? Learn more about the following article.

media communication

What is Media Communication?

To better understand what a medium of communication is, let’s look at the definitions of media and communication first. Communication media is a means of conveying a message from a communicator to an audience. The five senses are the most common medium of communication that humans use. Senses like eyes and ears will capture messages to be processed before action.

While communication is a way so that the message can reach from the sender of the message to the recipient. Communication consists of at least one sender of the message, the message or information itself, and the receiver of the message.

So the understanding of the communication media is a means, intermediary, or tool used to convey a message from the messenger to the recipient. It may seem simple, but making communication effective and accurate is a complicated process. Because messages can be influenced by many factors, such as emotions, culture, situation, media/platform used, as well as location.

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Media Communication Function

The communication medium itself has several functions. What are these functions? Here are some of the functions of the communication media, among others:

  • Education and information: namely conveying the facts to the recipient of the information. In addition, it can also convey norms, rules, and values to media users.
  • The mouthpiece of opinion: Most people use communication media as a forum to express opinions or opinions. 
  • Policy watchdog: Communication media becomes a means to publish what policies and practices of a government agency has taken.  
  • Monitoring: Communication media also serve to monitor what is happening. For example, the public can find out information about climate change, natural disasters, or health procedures, and so on.

Various of Media Communication

Based on channel type

When referring to the notion of media that serves as a channel of communication, then the existing types of channels are divided into two, namely verbal and non-verbal.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the delivery of messages using voice or spoken messages. The form of verbal communication consists as follows:

  • Oral communication
    In oral communication, the message is conveyed from the messenger to the recipient using words spoken orally. This means that the delivery of information is not in printed or written form that you can read, only you can listen to.
  • Written communication
    Meanwhile, in written communication the delivery of messages in the form of writing that the sender conveys to the recipient of the message. Doing this written communication can be in two ways, namely reading and writing. The use of written communication is when the message delivered does not require direct interaction. In addition, the presenter of this message can be addressed to individuals and groups. Examples of written communication media are company policies, letters, memos, notices, and announcements. The recipient of the message can provide feedback through electronic channels or face-to-face if you want to ask. 

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Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is a form of messaging without having to use a voice or written message form. Nonverbal communication has several forms such as body language, facial expressions, body movements, touch, appearance, attitude, and so on.

Based on how it spreads

Meanwhile, when looking at the type of communication media based on the way it is spread, then there are several types: 

Sound media (audio)

The reception of messages uses one of the senses, the ear. While the presenter of messages through voice or verbal by using a tool that emits a certain frequency. For example, radio, motivational CDs, and other audio players.

Visual media

Visual communication media is the delivery of messages or information using shapes that the eye can see. These shapes can be photos, pictures, or moving images. Usually, the form of visual media is often present on billboards, posters, or digital advertising moves using Videotron.

Audiovisual media

Audiovisual media is the delivery of messages using sound and visual forms such as images or videos combined. The easiest example you know is television. But audiovisual media is now growing as technology advances. For example, smartphones, online social media such as YouTube, Instagram, or other internet-based platforms. 

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Print media is a channel for conveying messages using printed forms of writing. Examples are newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and so on. 

However, as technology progresses, communication media keeps expanding. As a result, we cannot disregard the type of communication media users based on how data is moved. Including:

  • Analog: A network for disseminating messages such as radio and television.
  • Digital: The use of technology as an intermediary for data communication between computers. Like the internet and local computer networks in a company.


Communication media is an important means of conveying a message from the sender to the recipient of the message. Both individually and en masse. Because, in this day and age where technology continues to develop, the need for communication media will continue to increase. Media can also use to promote your company or business. That way productivity will continue to increase because it chooses the right communication tools. 

media communication

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