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Marketing Communication Function in Attracting Customer Attention

Every businessman must want a profit in the activities they run, both lower to upper-middle-class businesses. One of the things that can help the business to make a profit is by doing marketing communication. These activities will help to increase brand awareness, as well as increase product sales.

In addition, doing this plan also requires a strategy so that the activity runs and is on target. In addition, You can use software marketing automation to make your marketing planning got a maximal result. Check out this article that will explain in full about marketing communications!

Marketing communication

Definition of Marketing Communication

In general, marketing communication is as a way that business people do to convey something through certain media, such as social media, banners, and so on. For more details, let’s take a look at the following experts!

Terence A. Shimp

Marketing communication is an important aspect in carrying out the marketing mission and becomes a determinant for business success.

Kotler & Keller

Marketing communication is a useful means of informing, persuading, and reminding consumers either directly or indirectly about the products or brands that the company sells.

William G. Nickles

Marketing is a way to exchange information persuasively. So, that marketing runs effectively and efficiently.

So, we can conclude that marketing communication is one of the marketing processes that facilitates the process of exchange and the development of relationships with consumers in order to develop a product that can satisfy consumers.

Purpose of Marketing Communication

In its application, the purposes of marketing communication are as follows:

Marketing Communication

As a medium for making sales

Any marketing activity must have the goal to increase sales or profits for a business. In addition, you also need to build good relationships with customers to gain loyalty from them.

Build connections

This marketing is able to connect small businesses with various customers through well-delivered communication and proper media, for example through a forum on social media. In addition, of course, this can build a sense of customer trust in your business.

Marketing communication to build branding

Every marketing has a goal to improve and strengthen the brand you provide. It is through this activity that you can build a business that will be ingrained in your customers’ minds and make customers give their loyalty to your business. Of course, you will get this if you run effective marketing activities and the company’s image is always consistent.

Improved service for customers

Marketing communication that runs well and effectively can help you to improve the quality of service to customers. For example, by loading discount announcements via email, then answering customer questions about the products you offer on the blog, etc.

Education through marketing communication

Marketing communication can also help business people to educate customers about the products and services available. For example, by holding a product demonstration in the form of writing on the web or video usage. This will of course make customers more familiar with existing products. In addition, you can also provide a website page that displays questions about your business. So that anyone can see and know for themselves.

Get feedback

You can receive a variety of feedback through this marketing medium, for example through questionnaires, groups, and customer satisfaction surveys. In addition, customers will feel that your business is serving well and willing to listen to what they need. You can use survey application to make easier the survey do you have. 

Advantages of Marketing Communication

If marketing communication is carried out properly, then you can feel the advantages in this marketing such as:

Building customer trust in the brand

To gain the trust of customers, you can communicate the message you want to convey consistently. This is believed to make it easier for customers to give their trust. In addition, the information to be conveyed should be as clear as possible.

You can also use the services of journalists to review your business and get publications. Through these associations, you can leverage the trust that exists in journalists to build loyalty from customers.

Get the target audience right

There are currently many media available as a place to convey information. Identifying to find out what media is most appropriate in conducting marketing communication is something that requires thoroughness.  You need to know whether the people who are your target audience can access the media you use, such as magazines, newspapers, or television channels.

Usually, your team has to do market research activities, through surveys, focus groups, or interviews to collect this customer information.

Getting a positive ROI through marketing communication

In addition to getting the attention of the public towards your business brand, increasing profits is one of the advantages in using marketing communication. Maybe in this activity you will succeed in seeing positive things. Then, you’ll do an analysis and prove the value you’re really getting.

Establish good communication with customers

Customers play an important role in the success of a business. So, it is very important to build a good relationship through communication with customers. The right communication techniques can also build customer confidence in the products that the company has provided.

Attracting attention from investors through marketing communications

Companies that communicate appropriately, have characteristics, and have value in the business will attract investors. Investors will have a feeling of satisfaction when the product that the company advertises conveys its message well.

Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

In marketing communication, there are several effective strategies to achieve the success of such marketing activities. Here are tips that will make marketing your business, especially in terms of communication can reach the desired target audience:

Know the target customers well in marketing communications

Before selling a product, of course, you must know who your target is to make a sale. You need to do some research on who will be compatible to use your product, a qualified business area, and so on.

Maybe the form of marketing in business will vary, whether through advertising, social media, or other platforms. You must still be able to reach your target and the message is also conveyed well.

A little tips, you can understand your customers when able to create customer segmentation and create customer personas. After that, you will get an idea to do marketing with what media in the most efficient way possible. For example, moreover, your target is young children, then marketing can be done on social media such as Instagram or TikTok. However, if the target market is the lay community who are generally housewives, you can do advertising on television. Of course, this is just a brief example, you need to do the right analysis in deciding it.

Customize content with channels

The content becomes an important aspect of marketing. At the very least, your content is able to tell customers what you’re selling and what value is in your product so they feel interested and want to buy it.

The content you create must also be consistent with its characteristics, just like building a brand image. Then, later this content you can disseminate or communicate through social media, advertising, email, or using the services of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) depending on the strategy you choose.

The content that will be created must also be in accordance with the needs and goals of your business. For example, when you want to bring in new prospects or opportunities, then you can optimize on the website sales page (SEO), provide e-Books that they can download, and so on.

However, when you want to turn a previous prospect into an opportunity to become a customer in your business, then you can do advertising by publishing customer testimonials that already use the product in your business.

The point is that you need to be able to communicate and convey the message as if directly to the audience.

Maintain communication with customers

Once you know who your customers are, what media you use, what messages you should convey, then you have to maintain that communication. Because effective marketing activities are to carry out strategies on an ongoing basis.

You need to know the reason why in the end a customer decides to buy your product. The only way to find out is through communication and knowing the customer journey.

Through the communication you do, customers are able to feel that they get a very good treatment and get good service through the message you convey.


Marketing automation

So, we can conclude that marketing communication is an exchange of information carried out by sellers and buyers and continues to run on an ongoing basis. The goal is to know what the buyer needs, and what solutions the seller can offer. That’s why, You need marketing automation system HashMicro to make Your strategic marketing got a maximal leads. 

Through HashMicro’s Online Accounting System, you can do an in-depth analysis of accurate estimates of business revenue and will certainly help increase profits. In addition, the HashMicro Accounting system also helps minimize human error through recording and automatic accrual and amortization calculations that are accurate.

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