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Leadership Is a Skill that You Must Have!

Leadership is essential in the sustainability of a business, organization, and project. These skills are also mandatory for everyone to remain competitive and work optimally. Leadership significantly affects the performance of an organization, business, and project, especially in achieving a target. In general, leadership in a company must be held by superiors. However, on several occasions, each employee must also have the leadership to improve performance. There are ways to improve this skill.

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Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a skill or management function that can influence, direct, and motivate others to complete tasks to achieve specific goals. These skills will significantly affect the performance of a business, organization, and project in achieving its goals. To be a leader, you must also understand the priority scale of leadership itself. To lead others, you must start this attitude with yourself. A leader’s accomplishments are social and human accomplishments that stem from his understanding of his co-workers.

In the Harvard Business Review, leadership is the achievement of goals through human direction and assistance. A person who successfully organizes and collaborates to achieve goals is a leader. A great leader is someone who can do it every day, every month, and every year under any circumstances. Leaders must also have a high human and social sense to understand co-workers and relationships and the goals of each individual and group to be achieved.

The Attitude of Someone Who Has Leadership Skill

Leadership is more than understanding others, being kind to others, or pushing others to achieve something. However, business leadership is democratic, which means it provides opportunities for all workers without exception and without creating anarchy. To be a good leader, you must have some unique skills to behave. Here are some other attitudes you must have to be a good leader:


Many people will be tied to a team, organization, business, or project you are running. The more people there are, the more ideas, points of view, and opinions there will be. Therefore, a leader must always be open in accepting and choosing an idea and point of view.


A team will face obstacles, challenges, and problems in the future. Therefore, the leader must have a courageous attitude to decide steps and know when the time is right to act to overcome these problems.

Social skills

A leader must have sensitivity to a situation and social problems and adjust his behavior to the situation.

High discipline

This attitude is also an attitude that a leader must own. If a leader has high discipline, his subordinates will also follow this attitude because the leader is also a role model.

Able to make decisions

A problem requires a solution to solve it. A leader must decide when and what steps or solutions are taken in solving a problem. The decisions that leaders take must also prioritize the interests of groups, not individuals.

Benefits of Leadership for Companies

There are many benefits of leadership for a company, such as increasing workforce productivity, working under pressure, and increasing emotional intelligence. Other benefits include increasing personal charm and seriousness in business operations, building team trust, improving communication skills, and increasing awareness of diversity in work.

This leadership is a significant key in the success of a company or team. All decisions, changes, and quickly completing a job also require this ability. This is important for companies because leadership skills can build a solid team. Apart from hard work, solid leadership skills can achieve the vision and mission with motivation, guidance, and direction according to the contract.

With this ability and good teamwork, all obstacles and problems can be overcome by a team. Another task of a leader is to gain recognition of the role and function in the group that makes members feel satisfied and fulfill all the primary desires and motives of work. An ideal organization would later have employees at every level who would report to the team boss to understand him as a human being who reports and complains to him.

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How to Grow Leadership Skills

Everyone can learn to cultivate leadership skills to maximize work. In addition to benefiting the company to achieve its goals, leading is also beneficial for each individual. This ability also makes an individual strong and able to overcome the problems of his life. Here are some ways to develop leadership skills:

Practice to be discipline

One way to apply the ability to lead is to practice time discipline. Being a disciplined person will increase the credibility of others towards you. Therefore, it is essential to learn and apply this to each individual. If you find it challenging to implement this, try starting from small things such as exercising every morning, cleaning the room regularly, and getting used to doing things from small to big.

Inspire others

Being a leader makes you indirectly part of a team. A leader must be able to motivate and inspire others to work together as well as possible. When someone on the team needs motivation or encouragement, give it to them. Sometimes, all a person needs is a listener and someone who sympathizes with him.

Empower teammates

Empowering teammates is helpful to achieve targets more efficiently and easily. It will feel heavy and long if you do the work yourself. Empowering teammates also means maximizing work and also training that person’s skills. Successful leaders know, many workers or employees view their superiors as their natural enemies.


Everyone has their own time in their career and self-development. Don’t push yourself too hard to have a skill as soon as possible. Keep trying because we can’t have a new ability instantly. In some of the ways above, you can develop yourself to maximize and train leadership skills.

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