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IT Support Has Skills That Will Help Your Business Technical Problems

You may encounter some technical issues in your daily life. For example, you frequently assist family or friends with technical or technological problems, such as installing software on a laptop or troubleshooting internet connection issues at home.

In this day and age, having skills in this field can undoubtedly help many people, and of course, this service is also necessary. However, if you want to have a rate card and be paid for it, the first step for people in your situation is to get into a technical and tech-related job in IT. This one field may not sound interesting, but those who work in it are critical industry members, especially in the digital age that we live in today.

One proof of the relationship between work in the IT sector and technological developments in the ERP software from HashMicro with the complete features in Singapore, making all of your company’s operations more manageable and more effective. Therefore, are you interested in a position in Information technology support? Below are the duties, abilities, and skills you must have as someone who works in this field.

IT Support


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download skema harga software erp


What is the Definition of IT Support?

The majority of average businesses make use of technology in their operations. IT Support is a technician who evaluates and improves its three technology objects: software, computers, and network systems.

This profession has many demands, including the need for the bearer to have more expertise or multiple skills. For example, it is understanding how to repair damaged computer equipment, install computers used by employees for work, manage email, and set up fingerprint device machines, among other things.

The demands for a wide range of expertise make the job of an IT Support Specialist quite complex and varied. Information technology support must also be improved to keep up with the latest technological developments. With the assistance of these versatile IT technicians, the company can also have a capable system that allows it to provide and pay high nominal salaries.

IT Support Duties and Responsibilities

Following an understanding of information technology support, the following details about IT Support tasks are provided:

  1. Troubleshooting network problems. 
  2. Restores system problems when users use it for a short time. 
  3. Perform system or application updates regularly. 
  4. Install a UPS on each computer. 
  5. Repair all problematic computer networks. 
  6. Install and configure antivirus for computer security. 
  7. Clean the computer used by the user when a virus is detected or identified. 
  8. Creating or stringing network and data cables. 
  9. Distinguish and choose the best cable to use on your computer network.

Jobs in this field, of course, have significant responsibilities. IT Support, for example, must always keep IT ready to use at all times. The following are the areas of responsibility for an IT support person in their job:

  1. Make sure all computers are available 
  2. Make sure all computers are connected to the network
  3. Store all data on computers used by users. 
  4. Make technical reports utilizing documentation
  5. Understand and master computer basics. 
  6. Understand the working principle of switches, routers, analyzing, and others 
  7. Re-emerge or restore data on the user’s computer if they have problems 
  8. Making settings on the browser 
  9. Repair and prepare damaged computers in a short time

Some Abilities and Skills That an IT Support Must Have

According to The Balance Careers, there are several skills that you must have if you want to enter this field. First, IT Support must be able to solve technical problems. They usually work to start a business when it comes to internal technical issues. 

Everyone who wants to participate in this work must also have hard skills and soft skills. Some of the skills you need to acquire while working in this field include: 

  • Maintain data reports
  • Basic system knowledge
  • NoSQL
  • Server
  • Basic coding skills
  • Mastering Microsoft SQL server
  • Reading and analyzing application logs

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This field is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks of the company. Companies frequently require the installation and configuration of computer systems, the diagnosis of hardware and software errors, and the resolution of application-related issues over the phone or in person. As a result, there are some critical skills that an IT Suppomust-have.


Technicians must communicate technical issues to users from a variety of backgrounds. In other words, they must explain problems and solutions in a way that anyone, even those unfamiliar with technology, can understand. Furthermore, be an excellent listener to user complaints and resolve them as soon as possible.


Problems in a company’s IT infrastructure can arise out of nowhere. Therefore, technicians need to be adaptable. In general, they can work during the day and even on weekends if necessary. Working in this field also necessitates good time management skills and the ability to prioritize skills.


Technicians frequently deal with impatient customers. As a result, you must be patient with every user complaint and help them solve their problems calmly. Not to mention if the computer problem was not discovered in the middle. As a result, patience and understanding are required. But don’t worry, HashMicro presents a Help Desk Software that can help you solve problems from customers.

Good troubleshooting

Technicians must carefully listen to user complaints, identify problems, and devise solutions. Ethical problem solving necessitates problem-solving abilities as well as meticulous attention to detail.

Technical skills meaning, and must have technical skill for IT support

Technical skills meaning is specialized knowledge and expertise needed to accomplish complex actions, tasks, and processes relating to computational and physical technology as well as a diverse group of other enterprises. The latter is a necessary skill for jobs in the information technology field. A technician is typically educated and has a vocational high school diploma with a computer major or a bachelor’s degree in computer science and related fields. A technician must also be familiar with various software and hardware and web-based applications, among other things. Because technology is constantly evolving, IT technicians must hone their skills on their own.

What is the Difference Between IT Support and Programmers?

Many people misunderstand the responsibilities and abilities of an IT technician. They believe that IT technicians and programmers are similar because they both work with computers. However, their roles are very different. Programmers use programming languages such as HTML, Java, PHP, and others to solve problems and create products. Programming skills have some levels, such as junior programmers and senior programmers.

Meanwhile, technicians are responsible for the upkeep of software and hardware technology from users. If company users have problems with computers or laptops, they will, understandably, seek out technicians rather than programmers. Programmers focuses on the design of the product. While IT Support and technicians are more concerned with resolving user complaints.

Both of them sometimes requires a contract or can be a freelancer. In using their services and other services, companies certainly need a system to regulate the contracts of their workers. A system that can manage all types of contracts in one repository, access them directly from anywhere, automatically receive notifications when a contract is nearing expiration, and many more.

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That concludes the discussion of IT Support. Based on our understanding and points of ability to be owned by an IT technician, we can conclude that not only do you need technical capabilities such as the ability of hardware maintenance, but you also need to hone soft skills to deal directly with a variety of people who have a complaint about technology in the company. In short, IT Support’s job is to evaluate and improve the three objects of the company’s technology: software, computers, and network systems.

IT support

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

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