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Increasing Work Productivity in Ramadan

A weak body, reduced strength, and lack of enthusiasm are something that employees usually experience when fasting in Ramadan. However, it is unacceptable if it is the cause of a decrease in employee work productivity in your company.

As a human resources staff, it is your job to maintain employees’ work productivity, especially those who are fasting. To increase employee productivity, Competency Management System helps you improve the performance of your employees to meet the standards the company wants.

There are some tips and tricks that you can do to maintain or even improve the performance of your employees during Ramadan. Here are some of them:

work productivity

Allow employees to leave early

There are a lot of companies that carry out this method. The reason is that employees will have the time to break their fast with their families at home. This method the company uses for o most of its employees commutes to the office.

Usually, companies allow employees to go home 1 hour earlier than usual. However, some companies require their employees who want to go home earlier to come to the office 1 hour earlier.

This method is one way that is quite effective in increasing the work productivity of employees who fast. They are usually motivated to get their work done faster when leaving early. Timesheet management software can help you monitor work hours, meeting hours, and overtime to analyze your employees’ productivity.

Change the office atmosphere

Several companies aim to change the atmosphere in the office to avoid the employees’ boredom and increase work productivity. Atmospheric changes can occur simply by adding accessories according to ongoing celebrations, such as Christmas, new year, Ramadan, and Eid al-Fitr.

You don’t have to make significant changes, such as replacing wall paint or work equipment, simply using accessories such as the Christmas tree in December, or just a poster for the Muslim prayer schedule and iftar while Ramadan is more than enough.

This change in atmosphere can refresh your employee’s minds and make them feel cared for by their supervisor / HRD team. Work productivity will increase thanks to a renewable spirit.

Provide the time for those who want to rest

When fasting, employees cannot smoke, drink coffee/tea, or eat snacks to avoid getting sleepy while working. Getting sleepy is inevitable for those who work indoors and in the air-conditioned workplace.

It’s okay if you allow those who fast to take a short nap during their lunch break, which they will likely spend praying or sleeping because they don’t have to go out for lunch.

Employees with enough rest can maintain work productivity during Ramadan. When drowsiness cannot be defeated by coffee or snacks, there is no other way to close the eyes for a moment.

Make rooms for movement

Fatigue when fasting is generally caused by a lack of oxygen intake to the brain, caused by a lack of fluid intake into the body. But this you can overcome by advising your employees to move again.

Many health experts say that body movement will reduce pressure on your spine, send oxygen to the muscles and increase blood flow to the brain. Increased oxygen intake in the brain will make your employees more fit when fasting.

Give your employee motivations

Giving motivation to employees will make them feel cared for and very effective in increasing their work productivity. You can inspire fasting and Ramadan.

For example, you can remind your employees to get enough sleep and eat healthy foods or drinks at dawn or iftar. But you can also insert some advice such as maintaining discipline in applying and compiling work plans.

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Fasting is an obligation for Muslims. However, do not let fasting reduce the performance of your employees in the company where you work.

The five ways above are some of the common tips and tricks carried out by many companies in the world to maintain employee work productivity during Ramadan. If it is done correctly, you can keep the work productivity of your employee. But you can also increase it during Ramadan. Use HRIS software from HashMicro. To automate your administrative tasks, calculate salary and taxes, manage leave and attendance, Expense claims, and more.

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