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What Does a Good Lead Management Look Like?

We all know that lead management is a base for vital sales processes. That’s why a good lead management is important. An active lead provides a clear picture of new as well as in-process leads. However, there are still many companies don’t really understand what does a good lead management look like. Here are clear breakdown of features that make lead management worth investing in.

ERP systems either integrate their lead management system with ERP or have their own lead management module. HashMicro has their ERP module. This software helps in the growth of sales team to its fullest potential with each and every comprehensive customer’s relationship software. It helps in organizing all the available opportunities and helps you stay focused on your best deals. One can keep track of each and every sales mail, calls and internal notes all throughout the system. It customizes your pipelines of emails according to your needs and organizes your leads with the drag and drop functionality helping in identifying sales stages.

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Features of Hashmicro Singapore’s Lead Management are:

  • This software helps in tracking any contacts which may be a possible lead in future. Besides, it also involves the opportunities which are known and can be converted to a success of the firm.
  • It provided the opportunity pipeline helps working faster with the drag and drop interface. This system helps in setting up specific stages for each and every sales team. There is also a possibility to create sub-stages to organize the processes better. It also saves you from losing your opportunities by automatically archiving feature and manual archiving of other opportunities. HashMicro’s Lead Management System also enables to powerfully analyzing the pipeline lost ratios as well.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to manage customer database effectively. This system makes it possible to view sales history and invoices at a glance so you can make work easier. It enables uploading customer logo/photo for easier viewing. The Lead Management System also has an interactive and advanced search filter which enables users to sort data based on any attributes as long as the fields exist.
  • It has call log feature which helps you to track down logs for every type of calls and get the information with just a few clicks. For the users, this function is quick turnarounds and provides effective customer services.
  • The salesperson management feature enables tracking the sales team and assigns them to work according to their skills. Therefore, this system allows keeping a track of the best performer of the sales team.
  • It can generate sales report via interactive pivot table. It allows managers to make out many types of reports and sort them according to customer, shipment, salespeople, date, product and etc. The generated report has exportable to CSV files feature which can be viewed in table form, bar chart, pie chart and line chart.


lead management

The lead management system is a system that every company must have. It serves as a system capable of managing company leads into a single database. However, companies are having a hard time choosing the CRM system that has the best features. Therefore, HashMicro comes with the best CRM system that many companies have trusted.

Don’t worry, HashMicro presents the most complete CRM with all the excellent features to answer all your concerns. Therefore, you can automate your sales path. Convert more qualified leads and win more deals with Singapore’s most complete, fully-integrated CRM System.

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