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Get to Know Mind Map: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Learning methods systems and remembering processes that are more effective and easier to manage is a brief understanding of mind map. Invented by author and consultant Tony Buzan, this personal development tool is a valuable technique that helps us learn more effectively. Able to improve the way and record information and support creative problem-solving.

Many professionals in the work industry now use mind mapping as a model for applying for their work. Because a mind map helps understand ideas and ideas in a concept. For more detailed information and explanation, see the following article.

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Understanding Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a learning method developed by mapping information in graphic format. For example, we can map this mind map using branch lines, pictures, or keywords related to key concepts or ideas.

It can help many people plan, communicate, remember things, be creative in problem-solving, focus, explain thoughts, learn more quickly and efficiently, and many other things. What makes mind mapping so powerful is the diagram itself and the process of creating it. The external structure makes it easy to put all your thoughts and ideas in one place and make connections between them.

Mind map theory

When we study the workings of the brain and memory system, we will realize its extraordinary capacity and potential. Mind Mapping is a tool that humans use to engage, delight, excite and challenge the mind. We will discover amazing facts about the brain and its functions and will undoubtedly take an essential first step to freedom of thought.

Mind mapping is present because science about learning how the brain works and the memory system humans have been developing is growing to know what practical ways can maximize the function of the brain and memory system humans have.

Mind Map as a media to train the brain’s ability

In general, all mind maps have some similarities. For example, they have a natural network structure starting from the center and use lines, symbols, words, colors, and images according to simple brain-friendly concepts. 

Mind mapping turns long lists of monotonous information into colorful, memorable, well-organized diagrams that reflect the natural workings of the brain. Because a mind map is an external mirror of your own bright or natural mind, it is facilitated by powerful graphic processing. Thus, it provides a universal key to unleashing your brain’s dynamic potential.

Mind Map and Concept Map

Combine mind maps and concept maps, of course, we’ve heard the term, and it’s easy to see why. Both diagrams use nodes and links to visualize how ideas relate to one another. The main difference is that mind mapping is hierarchical, but concept mapping is not. Mind mapping has a central theme, but concept maps show how different topics and ideas relate, regardless of value or level.

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Mind Mapping according to Experts

Some experts have their views on mind mapping. The following is an explanation of mind mapping:

Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan explains that mind mapping is a technique used to develop thinking activities for each individual, which initially only leads to one direction, then develops into various approaches, and is ready to accept multiple ideas. Into numerous points of view.

Caroline Edwards

Edward explained that mind mapping is a method that is considered the most efficient and also effective in terms of entering or removing various kinds of information from the brain. In addition, this system is a natural system that human work systems do so that a mind map can maximize the capacity and potential of the brain.

Melvin L. Siberman

Silberman argues that mind mapping allows creative students to generate various ideas in a studied lesson, such as taking notes or innovative ways of planning new research.

Benefits of Mind Mapping

In terms of time, the benefits of mind mapping can also make efficient use of time to learn information. This can happen mainly because we can get a complete picture of something in no time by mind mapping. In other words, mind mapping can reduce learning time by turning time-consuming linear note patterns into practical notes that individuals can immediately understand. In addition, they can use e-learning software as software that facilitates learning, especially in making mind maps.

Improve teamwork

Besides that, there are some other benefits that we can get from doing mind mapping among others:

In general, the brainstorming process involves many people in the team. Everyone in the group can combine their ideas and ideas into a unified model and concept. Team members who engage and create a sense of belonging and help. However, it can improve teamwork.

The learning process is more effective

The learning process is faster when individuals combine concepts to create visual elements that are easier for humans to remember. Mind mapping is a more effective way of learning by discovering new knowledge and relating it to existing knowledge. This method forces the brain to describe what it knows to what it has just learned.

Sharpen creativity

Mind mapping is an excellent tool for generating ideas and connecting other ideas to enhance brain creativity. Because creativity is essential at this stage of human life, this technique allows the individual to remember his thoughts to be developed more broadly rather than simply disappearing.

The Right Time for Mind Map

No matter how we use mind maps, mind mapping helps reveal hidden complexities and connections to enhance brainstorming, research, decision-making, and planning is inevitable. So, of course, we can do mind mapping for the following:

  • Understand the problem or challenge
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem-solving
  • Collecting and organizing ideas from various stakeholders
  • Taking notes
  • Organizing task lists

Types of Mind Map

mind map


A syllabus is types of mind mapping that supports receiving images related to what we’re working on, and this type of mind mapping will usually be formed in large sizes and pasted on the wall. This type of mind mapping is also known as macro mapping. The existence of this curriculum mind mapping is used to provide an overview of what has been learned.

The chapter 

Next is the mind mapping chapter, which is based on a series of chapters that have been studied previously. Concept maps of this type are usually created by essential grouping points in a lesson to make them easier to remember.


This type of mind mapping provides more complete and detailed information. You can see a brief description of each chapter we examine and a full explanation or description.

How to Make a Mind Map

Here are some things that are important in making a mind map:

  • Make sure the central theme is located in the middle. Indeed, this is not absolute, but to make it easier for you to make many branches, it would be better if the mind map had a core in the middle.
  • From the central theme, derivative themes that are still related to the main article will emerge.
  • Find the relationship between each theme and mark it with a line, color, or image symbol.
  • Use a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Make text or picture symbols with various colors.
  • Don’t immediately make a mind map on the paper we draw. First, draft a mind map of the article, blurry.
  • Plan where the charts and branches will be placed in the best possible way.

Examples of Mind Map

Here are some examples of mind mappings unique that have ever existed: The

  • Mind Mapping first unique was Brain Functions, created by Paul Foreman:
  • Tips on Creativity by Tony Buzan
  • Transformation Habits by Adam Sicinski
  • Wasters delay by Jane Genovese
  • Working Smart by Thum Cheng Cheong
  • Intelligence Creative by Emiily Burton
  • Dreams by Thum Cheng Cheong


E-learning software

The conclusion is that this mind mapping educates humans to improve brain function and memory systems. So in the future, we should use this mind-mapping method. Besides being very useful for each individual, this method can also be helpful for individuals in groups. 

To make it easier to create mind maps, you can use the HashMicro E-learning Software. HashMicro provides learning software that allows you to create and convey thoughts using mind maps. This will make it easy for all employees to understand your ideas. Use HashMicro software now to make managing your business easier.

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