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What Exactly is the Front Office? And What Are the Responsibilities?

For those of you who have or frequently been to a hotel, you must be familiar with the term front office (FO). The front office is someone who usually serves visitors in a lobby. This section is located in a place that is easily seen or found by visitors. Usually, if you want to visit someone, book a room, deliver an item or leave something, you need to talk to the front office first.

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What is Front Office?

Front office is someone who works in the front office of a company dealing with guests, couriers, or packages, maintaining documentation files, and helping to arrange formal meetings. First impressions are vital for a business or company. Therefore, the front office has a very important role because they are the first people guests meet when they first arrive. In addition, the front office is also the last impression when guests leave the place. Those who work in this field must maintain a way of speaking, greeting, and so on that can bring good changes to the company’s image for guests. Companies or offices that usually require front office workers such as medical offices, construction companies, hotels or inns, education, and retail business.

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Front Office Tasks

The following are some of the duties of the FO:

Handling guest complaints

FO will often get complaints when guests experience a problem. For example, if a problem occurs in a hotel room, someone in the front office will be the first person to be contacted and asked to immediately address the problem. Therefore, they must be patient if any customer gets carried away by emotions when talking to them.

Handling guest luggage

This is also one of the responsibilities of the people who work in the FO. Bringing guest items is also one of the services in satisfying them. This is the purpose to make guests feel special and warmly received and well treated.

Provide the information guests need

They must know all the information about where he works. This aims to notify guests or consumers when they ask about where they work and they must be able to answer it. Since they are also the first people guests meet, they must be able to provide clear information.

Request a deposit for collateral against damage

Usually, when checking in, guests need to make a deposit as a guarantee. This is intended to be in case of damage to the guest room. Deposits can not only be in the form of money, but can also be like identity cards, or other things because each place usually has different rules and regulations.

Front office manage bill payments

Those are also responsible for receiving payments from guests. The bill of payment is usually related to the facilities of the place and also the food in the restaurant. This is a vital thing in a company or business. Because if they makes a mistake, the company can lose money.

Re-confirm the guest reservation

This aims to ensure whether the guest has actually made a reservation or not. Usually, there will be a list of names and services or rooms that have been rented by the guest. In addition, it is also useful for preparing rooms that guests have booked.

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Receive and serve potential customers

Someone who works in the FO also aims to receive and serve potential customers because they are the first people potential customers will meet when they arrive. Good reception and a warm welcome will make consumers happy. In addition, they must also address if consumers have complaints.

Manage the arrival and departure of guests

When consumers come, they must serve the arrival of these consumers. Such as confirming the reservation, the necessary affairs, facilities, and others. In addition, they also need to make sure nothing is left behind, and say goodbye to the guest.

Difference between Receptionist and Front Office

Technically, there is no real difference between these two jobs other than the name. Usually, people who work in the front office are also involved in managing many things such as internal company issues, staff training, inter-departmental communication, and other operational activities. Whereas in general, the receptionist is a person who works at the front desk in charge of welcoming and serving customers. Both must have good communication and leadership skills as the front line of the company.


As the company’s front line in serving customers and guests, the front office must work as well as possible. This job can be considered successful when all customers are satisfied with all the services they provide, including managerial positions. Not only that, the tasks they do are also the responsibility of their superiors. Therefore, this work cannot be underestimated. Because this job is also a vital position in a business or company. In order to help your front office in managing visitors, you can implement Visitor Management System. This system helps you in tracking accurately your visitors check in and check out time. 


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