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Effective Product Marketing Strategies Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks

With less and less visitor comes to your store and declining sales since the coronavirus outbreak, business owners had to think harder to keep their business afloat. Thus, with creative thinking and effective product marketing strategies, we can still achieve success amid this troubled time.

To survive, you need a high level of creativity and an unyielding spirit. To help you create an effective product marketing strategies, we list down some examples for you to follow, or create a better one.

Improve your communication with customers

In this uncertain time, you have to improve the way you interact with your customers. Convince your customers that you still provide service as usual with a different kind of delivery. Send your message via email or WhatsApp broadcast is the best way to go.

Write a personalized message with CRM software assistance. Offer help for your customers regarding your business service. For example, you can offer a free subscription fee for some time or product giveaways for your customers who need it the most.

Product marketing strategy during corona outbreak: sell substitute products

Don’t get desperate when you see your main products isn’t sell well like it used to be. With a little creativity, you can reap some profits in these difficult times. The most popular way is to start selling substitute products.

For example, when officials in various countries recommend their people to wear cloth masks since surgical masks shortage happened around the world, businesses start selling it. Either it is an ordinary tailor, fashion designer, or cosplay costume maker start selling cloth masks.

Create a unique product marketing strategy

When the government tells everyone to stay at home, it’s no use for you to hold discounts. No one will come and buy your merchandise. You will only spend money on advertisements for nothing.

The most effective product marketing strategy during these troubled times is by donating. Show that you care for those who need help the most. For example, the shoe manufacturer, Crocs, recently gives free shoes for healthcare employees such as nurses and doctors.

Donate as much as you can. You don’t have to donate big like Crocs or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. By giving free meals for street vendors or those who got fired by their companies is the best way to donate. Document the process and share it on your social media channels to attract sympathies from your customers.

Don’t panic!

The first thing that will ruin your business is worrying and panicking. Stay calm so you can think and strategize effectively when your customer dwindles. Remember, you are not alone in this.

Take preventive steps such as rearrange your business financial management, make a business strategy to combat coronavirus, and leverage web-based applications to minimize contact with customers during transactions.

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