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Effective Product Marketing Strategies Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks

The decline in retail business sales amid the outbreak of the coronavirus or COVID-19 makes a number of business people have to rack their brains harder so that the business can continue to run. It has been proven, many successful business people develop effective product marketing strategies, even though the circumstances are very difficult.

Sales can run smarter, more effectively, and quickly if it is integrated with sales software. This application can help you conduct a complete analysis of the most effective marketing efforts according to your business conditions. In addition, the application can optimize your sales process by reducing operational activities that are done manually.

Of course, high creativity and unyielding spirit are a must in order to survive this difficult time. Well, to make it easier for you to devise a cool product marketing strategy, we will provide some examples that can be followed or you work on your own again.

product marketing strategies

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Improve your communication with customers

In this uncertain time, you have to improve the way you interact with your customers. Convince your customers that you still provide service as usual with a different kind of delivery. Send your message via email or WhatsApp broadcast is the best way to go.

Write a personalized message with CRM software assistance. Offer help for your customers regarding your business service. For example, you can offer a free subscription fee for some time or product giveaways for your customers who need it the most.

Product marketing strategy during corona outbreak: sell substitute products

Don’t get desperate when you see your main products isn’t sell well like it used to be. With a little creativity, you can reap some profits in these difficult times. The most popular way is to start selling substitute products.

For example, when officials in various countries recommend their people to wear cloth masks since surgical masks shortage happened around the world, businesses start selling it. Either it is an ordinary tailor, fashion designer, or cosplay costume maker start selling cloth masks.

Create a unique product marketing strategy

When the government tells everyone to stay at home, it’s no use for you to hold discounts. No one will come and buy your merchandise. You will only spend money on advertisements for nothing.

The most effective product marketing strategy in this anxious time is to make a donation. Show that you care about those who need it more. For example, footwear manufacturer Crocs recently handed out free shoes to doctors and nurses under the theme of the Sharing a Pair for Healthcare campaign. Automation of marketing systems today can use marketing automation software. This system can help your business by building better relationships with clients as well as optimizing your marketing efforts.

Donate as much as you can. You don’t have to donate big like Crocs or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. By giving free meals for street vendors or those who got fired by their companies is the best way to donate. Document the process and share it on your social media channels to attract sympathies from your customers.

Don’t panic!

Panic is the first thing that will bring your business to the brink of collapse. Stay calm so that you can do calculations and develop an effective product marketing strategy even though buyers begin to rarely see the trunk of their nose. Remember that you are not facing this difficulty alone.


Take preventive measures such as reorganizing your business financial management, devising a specific business strategy to fight the coronavirus, or utilizing web-based applications to minimize contact with others when transacting. Use HashMicro’s CRM applications to help identify potential prospects for your business. The system also helps at the sales stage with drag & drop function control through an easily customizable sales pipeline.

product marketing strategies

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