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Deep Web: Mysterious and Hidden Sites That People Rarely Know

Did you know that the content you see on the internet is not the whole world of the internet? Many people do not know about the deep and dark web. They think that the internet is only as big as they can access. However, some people know about the existence of the two. People believe that the deep web and dark web are the dark side of the internet which is dangerous and full of illegal acts.

What is the Deep Web?

Based on Oxford Languages, the deep web, also called the hidden web, is the part of the World Wide Web that is not discoverable by means of standard search engines, including password-protected or dynamic pages and encrypted networks. The term was first credited by Mike Bergman, founder of BrightPlanet. Since 2001, the hidden web has been known for its content and information, far more numerous than the surface web that we access today. Based on extrapolations conducted by the University of California, Berkeley in 2001, estimated that the hidden web has a size of about 7,500 terabytes compared to 19 terabytes of the surface web. Likewise, The hidden web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents compared to the one billion of the surface Web.

The Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web

Because of its mysterious and hidden nature, many people still think that the deep web and the dark web are the same. Actually, both are different. But related in terms to describe the depth and breadth of the internet that we don’t know about.

source: breedie.com

We can analogous them as an iceberg in the ocean. Things that we access and get from the internet are only the surface, referred to as the surface web. The surfaces are only 4% of the total internet. While the remaining 96% is the part of the internet that is “untouchable” through search engines like Google and Bing. 

The dark web is a very concealed portion of the hidden web that few will ever interact with or even see. Slightly different from the deep web, the dark web is famous for its extreme and sadistic content. The types of content that you can access when visiting the dark web are murder, torture, organ and human trafficking, illegal prostitution and pornography, arms trafficking, and other disturbing content.

What is on the Deep Web?

In contrast to the stigma so far, the deep web content does not only contain dangerous and illegal content. The hidden web usually contains private or protected data, including paid content that users cannot access. In addition, the deep web also has email messages, chats, personal content on social media, company databases, e-banking reports, medical records, government legal documents, and others. This means that deep web content is not illegal but can only be accessible by its owner.

How to Access Deep Web

As said earlier, the deep web is not accessible to the search engines and browsers we use daily. Various sources recommend Tor Browser for browsing the deep web and dark web. Tor Browser is said to be able to maintain the privacy of its users. Since this browser will automatically hide the identity and privacy of its accessors. Even so, people are still advised to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. For purpose to change the location of their device’s IP (Internet Protocol) address.

The Dangers of Accessing Deep Web

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Disturbing content

It is an open secret that deep and dark web content is disturbing and making people uncomfortable. Especially on the dark web, it is usually filled with torture, human trafficking, prostitution, and various other extreme content that can annoy ordinary users. Not only that, most people who access the site out of curiosity can experience mental disorders due to watching content they shouldn’t see.


One of the threats that lurk if you carelessly access the hidden web and dark web is the threat of viruses. Unlike websites in general, both are also a hotbed of hackers ready with all kinds of traps for ordinary users who access the site. These viruses are usually hard to control and remove, and they can even damage our devices permanently.

The spread of personal information

Selain ancaman virus, mengakses deep web dan dark web secara sembarangan dapat menyebabkan tersebarnya informasi pribadi kita. Bahkan selain informasi pribadi, para peretas mampu melacak posisi keberadaan kita. Karena hal tersebut, banyak sumber yang menyarankan untuk menggunakan VPN sebagai perantara untuk mengelabui peretas mengenai posisi IP (Internet Protocol) kita agar informasi pribadi kita tidak mudah bocor.

As well as the threat of viruses, indiscriminate access to the deep web and dark web can cause our personal information to leak. Even in addition to confidential information, hackers can track our whereabouts. Therefore many sources recommend using a VPN as an intermediary to trick hackers about our IP’s position to prevent the leak of our personal information.


Cybercrime is one of the risks and dangers that users must know before accessing the deep web or dark web. Both sites are the dark side of the internet world. Therefore, users must bear the consequences if they do not have good security when browsing through them. Some examples of cybercrime that lurk include drug and illegal drug transactions, human and organ trafficking, firearms transactions, and many others.


The internet has its dark side, often referred to as the deep web and dark web. Both contain secret and hidden content, even including extreme content that is not suitable for public consumption. Many share how to access the deep web and dark web easily and safely. However, we still recommend not trying to access them just out of curiosity. Given the risks and dangers that lurk, it would be better to harbor this curiosity to prevent unwanted bad things.

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