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Deadline: Definition, Bad Effects, and Tips to Avoid Them

Deadline is a word that our ears hear pretty often. Many people in everyday life have used the word deadline itself. Even so, do we know its true meaning? What harmful effects will happen if we continue to do work close to the deadline? Check out the following article for more detailed information. Therefore, you need a system that can get a complete detailed report with an in-depth analysis. The management system can use its analysis reports with our most complete Timesheet Management Software.


Definition of Deadline


The word deadline is an English word that is more specifically the concept related to academics and professions. Commonly used by students, office workers, and other fields of work that often use the term. The Oxford Dictionary explains the deadline meaning. According to the dictionary, a deadline is a point in time by which something must be done. Track time usage per the project your employee with HashMicro’s Time Sheet Software.

The Bad Impact of Doing Something Close to the Deadline

Of course, if we are constantly running a task and a job is always close to the deadline. Therefore we need to know what are the terrible effects of this. So that later we become more alert in doing a task or job.

Impaired mental health

The first thing we will get is the disruption of our mental health. Doing something, if not with good time management, will stress you. We will easily panic and feel that time is chasing us. That is what makes us easy to stress so that it can interfere with mental health.

Impaired physical health

In addition to mental health, we will also get physical problems. If we often depend on doing fast work overnight, of course, it will interfere with our health. Often sleeping late at night can make our bodies tired quickly in carrying out daily activities, so we need to pay attention to this.

Underestimating time

Many of us, if we have been given a deadline in a job, often procrastinate it. In doing this without us realizing that we have underestimated the time. So that it can make us lazy and accustomed to doing the work. By using Document Software ERP from HasMicro, you can make your job more efficient if it is related to documents.

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Tips for Not Procrastinating Work

Procrastinating is the same as wasting time. In addition, this bad habit also makes a jobless thorough because it is done in a hurry. Here are some tips, so you don’t procrastinate:


Procrastination occurs due to a person’s lack of intention. Without any purpose, all work will feel heavy, so we become lazy to do it. Therefore, first, collect the intention before doing something. In addition, there may be some self-denial that it is better to postpone the work. But actually, we know that it is very detrimental.

Make a written schedule

Deadline: Definition, Bad Effects, and Tips to Avoid Them
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Make a written schedule of the activities we will do. By doing so, we can see the timeline of the work we will carry out as a whole. It is excellent if you have a monthly calendar on your desk, and write down your work on the calendar, so that every time you see it, you will constantly be reminded of your work. You can manage all employee activities and perform more efficiently and practically with HashMicro’s CLOUD-Based EVA Talent Management System.

Create fake deadline

In this context, a fake deadline means you set it several days earlier before the deadline. If we set a false deadline, we usually become more motivated to do something. Because in general, one of the causes of delaying work is the long deadline. So we will feel that we still have a lot of time to do the task.

Enough sleep

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Concentration will be easily disturbed if we have insufficient and regular sleep time. Of course, having enough normal sleep will make us have enough stamina to do work. Concentration will also increase so that it makes us more focused and enthusiastic in doing the task.

Avoid social media

Social media can make us lose track of time. Maybe it can help us reduce boredom, but it will waste our time working on the task if it is too busy.

Tips for Overcoming Anxiety When The Deadline Approaches


Even the work deadlines that we have can sometimes make us have excessive anxiety, here are things you can do when you have that anxiety:

Calm down

The first thing we have to do is calm down. Because usually, stress comes because we panic easily. Therefore winning yourself is very important for the first step in eliminating stress. After that, throw away the bad thoughts that come. So that we can calm down in the face of work deadlines.

Focus on doing one job at a time

Don’t forget to always focus on one job at a time. The large amount of work we do can make us have excessive anxiety. Because the focus will be divided, and the work we do will not be optimal. Therefore it is essential to remember that doing one job at a time is more effective and suitable for relieving anxiety.

Do exercise

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We know that exercising has many good benefits for the body, both physically and psychologically. It is important to always exercise for at least one week to have a healthy body and a calm mind. It can eliminate the anxiety that is in us.

Set limits

The purpose of setting boundaries is that we must know the limits in our daily activities. Distinguish personal affairs from work to be more professional in handling a task with a deadline. There will be no anxiety.


Finally, the way to get rid of the burden of work-related thoughts is to get more rest. Fatigue is also a factor that triggers excessive anxiety related to work. So it is vital to always have enough rest, either before or after doing work.


A job deadline might make us feel pressured and down. It is possible to reduce the pressure in several ways. You can resolve anxiety or tension caused by job deadlines through increasing awareness. One solution is to use automated tools to manage and monitor employee performance—no need to get in and add to the workload.


To ease the pressure of direct employee monitoring, Hashmicro is here to help. Using our HRM software, you can manage leave, attendance, and reimbursements. Let’s use our software to improve your mental health. To get a product tour, register your company.

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