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CRM System for Financial Services: Benefits & Key Features

The significance of a CRM system for financial services is unquestionable. Why is that so? Financial services are not limited anymore to face-to-face interaction between the bank officer and clients in the office – offline, shortly. Nowadays, people who want services from banks, insurance, or investment can access it digitally. 

The proliferation of online financial services from many firms equals the rise of competition. That is why financial firms should adapt to a modern, customer-based solution, the CRM system. 

The benefits of CRM System for financial services

The challenges faced by financial sectors when they acquire customers digitally is the communication and retention aspects. Thanks to the CRM system, we can transform it into not-so burdensome tasks. Here is for the details:

Better customer service

The customers want quick action to solve the problems. If it’s online the customers think that it should be either swift or leave. The CRM system helps the firm to leave a good impression. All customer’s engagements from phone, email, or web can be personalized. It shows empathy and implies that the firm is ready to help customers. 

Moreover, it helps the management to collect, prioritize, and allocate the resources to accomplishes customer’s requests. Service time becomes shorter and enhances productivity in general. 

Increase customer retention

CRM system tracks and records every transaction. It helps the company to gain complete information about their customers. They can use this information to provide the customer with easy operations and personalized treatment. 

Personalization enhances the speed of customers’ requirements. Moreover, their journey becomes more effective because they can find what they’re looking for fast. This will deliver a great impact in customer retention.

Create more opportunity with segmentation

All the data in CRM can be collected and analyzed through a comprehensive reporting to get more insights about the customers. From the report, we can learn about the trends, successful campaigns, and the transaction amount from each customer or category. 

Therefore, the firm can set the same marketing with improvement to attract similar customers, especially from those who deliver huge value. Moreover, this data is useful for the company to create cross-selling and upselling strategies. 

Key features of CRM software to look for

If you’re shopping for a CRM system, make sure that the provider offers these lists: 

  1. Contact management – create a centralized customer database to improve communication and personalization
  2. Interaction tracking – records customers’ engagement pattern to enhance customer service management
  3. Scheduling and reminder – enables staff to do the right follow-up actions on time seamlessly
  4. Sales automation – helps the staff to analyze, create sales-related documents, and communication
  5. Analytic and forecasting – predict future sales based on historical data, surveys, polls, social media, and marketing campaigns. 
  6. Marketing automation – calculate the effectivity of campaigns, conversion rate, revenue, and new market opportunities
  7. Reporting – provides automated comprehensive reporting accurately in real-time.
  8. Integration – integrates CRM system with other modules such as accounting, ticketing, visitor, and many more. 
  9. Customizable – should be flexible enough to be tailored to meet the firm’s unique business operations. 
  10. Security – protect customers’ personal and sensitive data from identity theft and fraud

The bottom line

CRM system for financial services can help banks, investment houses, insurance companies to manage their sales operation and data analysis with guaranteed security. Make sure to look for a system that is easy to implement, comprise full features, and integrated.

To learn more about the CRM system and its integration for financial firms, click here

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