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Creative Business Inspiration in Digital Era Without High Cost!

In this digital era, technological advances lead to the emergence of creative business new types. This also happens because the big opportunities for creative business in the future await. In fact, according to the data from the Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics in 2018, Indonesia had 8,2 million creative businesses. In addition to the fact, creative business subsectors such as fashion, craft, and culinary dominated the number. With HashMicro’s warehouse management system, you can optimize the use of warehouse rooms to store groceries, clothing stocks, and everything related to the creative business.

Creative Business

What Is Creative Business?

The creative business has a definition as an activity of producing goods or services without exploiting natural resources. This business has several subsectors for example culinary, fashion, art, advertising, television, radio, and movie.

The need for inspiration in building up a creative business is a challenge itself. Here are some inspirations of creative business that you can implement as your business plan without the high cost!

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Creative Business Inspiration In Digital Era

1. Content Creator

Content Creator on Creative Business

Social media is being incomplete without the presence of the content creator. The content creator made some interesting content to entertain the viewers with various content categories, such as entertainment to education. This can be an inspiration for creative business in the digital era. A big prospect and opportunity await them. But make sure that you are being a content creator that gives a positive impact to the viewers.

2. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer in Creative Business

This business might not familiar in the community, despite this business can increase a high profit for a person. An affiliate marketer is a person that does a marketing activity for some product or service and gets a commission from the seller as a result of that. If you have an interest in this business type, EQUIP Partnership Program by HashMicro can be the solution. In addition, you can optimize your marketing efforts with the best marketing automation software from HashMicro.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

A product or service will not be sold without any marketing activity. Nowadays, conventional marketing is shifting to digital marketing. So you can take advantage of this moment to be a digital marketer. As a digital marketer, you may offer many services such as social media management, e-commerce management, and SEO management.

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4. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If you have the ability in using design applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, you can be a graphic designer. Nowadays, so many people need these services for several needs, one of them is business needs. A business needs this to design their product packaging and designing promotion material for the business. As a result of being a graphic designer, you will get many benefits such as a high allowance and improving your work portfolio.


There is so much inspiration for a creative business you can implement it as your business plan. This inspiration can come from your surrounding activities. Inspiration needs to be accompanied by the right marketing strategy so that many people know your business.

Creative Business

Therefore, HashMicro’s Marketing Automation Software is the best solution you can use. With this system, you can create campaigns about your business services or products easily. You can even send the campaign to multiple recipients in a single group or different groups.

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