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Business Communication — Understanding, Purpose, Process

As long as you are human, it is impossible not to communicate. Let’s say you’re talking to a friend or family when you’re writing a message for someone, or you’re just taking action.

This example is part of communication. Every day we communicate. But, do you know what communication is? And what is the correlation between communication and a business?

In business communication, it is closely related to the HRM system of a company. This article helps you understand the importance and application of communication, specifically business communication, to your organization or business. You can download the pricing scheme calculation to a better understanding of how to use it.

Business Communication

Understanding Business Communication

Understand first the general understanding of communication, which is sending, receiving, and understanding messages. Meanwhile, business communication is a communication activity in the framework of information exchange.

For you to understand better, here is the understanding of business communication according to experts :

Philip Kotler

He is one of the scientists who became a reference in management and marketing. To him, business communication is a human activity directed to satisfy needs and desires through an exchange.


Business communication is a process of conveying meaning through symbols that include all elements that have a relationship with delivering and receiving messages, both in the form of writing, oral, and nonverbal conducted in an organization to pay someone to produce goods and services for profit.

Hughess and Kapoor

Business communication is an organized individual activity or effort to produce and sell goods to benefit and meet the needs of society.

Type of Communication - HashMicro
Type of Communication

You also need to understand the elements of activities that must be present in organizational or business communication. By understanding what is contained when establishing communication, you can understand more deeply about communication for business, including:

  1. There is a purpose; Every communication has a purpose. Communication has goals that are in line with the objectives of the organization;
  2. There is an exchange; in line with the communication mechanisms by which two (or more) people (or more) are communicators and communicants;
  3. The existence of information, ideas, or instructions;
  4. These three things are the contents of the message contained in the communication. The shape can vary depending on the situation, conditions, and goals.
    Utilizing personal or impersonal channels;
  5. Every communication that occurs utilizes special media or mass media if you want to reach many people.
    Use symbols or signals; use certain methods or tools so that the recipient of the message can understand the contents.
    Achievement of the organization’s targets or objectives;
  6. Communication is established to be able to achieve the target following the goals that have been predetermined.

3 Purposes of Communication in Organizations

You already know that in communication, one of the elements is that there is a purpose. Check out the following about the three purposes of communication in the organization:

To provide information

The fundamental purpose in business communication is to provide information related to the business to colleagues/superiors/subordinates / other parties.

For example, a company leader needs office stationery equipment. For this equipment, he can ask purchasing employees to make purchases as the leader asks.

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As a way to do persuasion

The second purpose of business communication is to persuade others to understand what we convey correctly and adequately. This is often done especially about negotiations between a person and a lean person in business.

To obtain optimal results in negotiating, each party needs to understand the principle of the win-win solution by implementing effective communication.

As a tool for collaborating 

The third goal in business communication is to collaborate or cooperate with business between someone and others internally and externally. With good communication, one can easily conduct business cooperation both internally and externally.

Example: When a sales team works with a marketing team to market a product in a specific area, creating a goal goes hand in hand in running it.

Steps of Business Communication

Now is the time for you to understand the good process of communicating while in the business environment. By knowing these 8 steps, you can implement effective communication procedures, namely:

Set goals

The first step of communication is that you have to set goals. Think back to what ideas and ideas you have. What do you expect when you send those messages?

Audience evaluation

The second step is to think about your audience. Always make sure you know who you’re communicating with.

There are many ways to communicate with your colleagues. Make sure you use the most appropriate tools for your message.

If you make an official announcement (e.g., the office is closed due to a disaster), use an official channel such as an office email or company-wide memo.

If you deliver an informal message (such as details about karaoke on Friday), you can send an instant message or a text messaging system.

Turn ideas into messages

Re-idea because not all ideas are perfectly acceptable. You should pay attention to several things such as the subject, intent and purpose, content of the message, audience, and pay attention to the cultural background of the recipient of the message.

Drafting message content

This step is crucial because you should pay attention. Do not let you put together a message that is difficult to digest.

Use sentences that are short and familiar rather than long and unfamiliar. Simple writing is easier for your audience to read and understand.

If your readers stumble upon your vocabulary, the message you’re trying to convey is likely to disappear.

Media selection

After compiling the content of the message well, media selection is also a factor in the success of your communication.

With the right media, your audience can interpret the message. Feedback on your messages is also more likely.


Messaging is the last step for a communicator to send a message. When sending a message, ensure that the communicant receives your message and sends feedback to you as proof of communication.

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How Technology Helps You Communicate

Once you understand the understanding and steps of communication, you can apply good and effective communication. Communication has a big role in an organization and business. When communication falls apart, it is difficult for company owners, managers, and employees to do and fulfill responsibilities according to its goals.

Ineffective communication and not being supported by the right tools can be problematic for businesses. The effect is that employees will not feel comfortable. As a result, even your company’s profits may decline.

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Business Communication

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