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Burnout is a Sign You Need to Take a Break!

Anyone can experience burnout. When you start to feel stressed and depressed about a job, it’s a sign that you are in the burnout stage. Working will certainly drain energy, mind, emotion, and mental. This condition will cause you to feel tired quickly and also prone to stress. To not experience this, you can take a break or relax while doing things that make you happy. Burnout is also a mental problem that can affect physical health.

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Definition of Burnout is

Burnout is

Burnout is a condition of feeling exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally due to excessive and prolonged stress. This condition causes you to feel tired, overwhelmed more quickly, and feel unable to complete work. This condition can be a threat for workers to be unable to process and control themselves. When this condition continues, people who experience burnout can lose interest and motivation in everything.

Another negative effect can also affect personal life, work, and relationships with people around. This condition can occur due to forcing oneself to work, lack of appreciation from superiors, heavy workload, or having a monotonous job. Not only mental health but prolonged burnout can also affect physical health. People who experience this will get sick more easily and are prone to heart disease and diabetes.


Signs of Burnout

The following are signs that you are experiencing burnout:

  1. Can feel tired quickly

This condition is a major sign when you are experiencing burnout. Fatigue means that you are feeling tired more quickly than usual and feeling unnaturally tired. This feeling will also make you lose enthusiasm for work and interest in the work in progress. From this feeling of tiredness, other signs will also emerge.

  1. Decreased immunity

Due to feeling tired quickly, your immunity will also be affected. It causes you to feel dizzy and feels unwell when you wake up. After that, you will start to feel other minor ailments such as cough, runny nose, fever, headache, and so on. In addition, you will also experience sleep disturbances, excessive anxiety, and increased levels of depression.

  1. It’s hard to concentrate

When you start to feel tired and sick, you will find it difficult to concentrate. If you have trouble concentrating, are easily distracted by other things, and often make mistakes, you may be experiencing burnout.

  1. Emotional

Controlling emotions is essential for everyone in the everyday environment, as well as the work environment. If you find it difficult to control your emotions, it will make communication with other people bad. What if you become temperamental, irritable, cynical, quick-tempered, and withdraw from your work environment when it wasn’t you before? Maybe you are experiencing burnout.

  1. Decreased work performance

This condition is the last sign when you are experiencing burnout. You will lose motivation to work because of stress at work. Your goal is to work because you expect a better life. Maybe in some situations, you will take this for granted. When you have entered the burnout stage, you will feel utterly indifferent to all things related to work.

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How to Overcome Burnout

To overcome burnout, here are some ways:

Talk to your boss

Communicating how you feel is a way to deal with burnout. For example, when you think you have too much work and assignments, tell your boss that you feel overwhelmed and need someone else’s help to complete it. If your boss is the cause of your burnout, you can consult to the HR about it. Maybe HR can provide you with a solution such as moving you to another division, or so on.


When it’s hard to concentrate, you may need to prioritize from most important to least important. With it, you’ll know which one to work on first, and it’s easy to concentrate. In addition, you can also get the job done faster. Also, you can use Timesheet Management Software from HashMicro to manage and track employee time.

You should adapt to prioritization even outside of work. Sleeplessness and burn-out go hand-in-hand. However, adapting to new routines like yoga before getting on your comfy bed can help you have enough sleep for a productive day.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Appreciate yourself

appreciate yourself

You need to think realistically and lower your expectations. With it, you will reduce your anxiety and stress. You can also reward yourself when you complete a project or achieve an achievement. If you have so many documents to do, you can use Document Management System from HashMicro to avoid burnout.

Tell someone you trust

Try to tell the problems you are experiencing to the people closest to you. Maybe by talking to people closest to you, you will feel better. Even if you don’t find a solution, this method can help you get rid of the negative feelings.

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Maintain work-life balance

You need to apply work-life balance if you experience ongoing burnout. Dividing work and fun time can make you feel comfortable again at work. You can do fun things like going out with friends after work, playing games, and more. If necessary, you can also take time off to make your mind clear and motivated again to work.

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Burnout is a symptom of a disease that you need to avoid. For example, feeling overwhelmed at the office will cause this to happen. Burnout can also occur over a long time, so you need to deal with it in the various ways above. If you have done these methods, but you still feel burnout, you can go to a professional to deal with this. Since this can negatively affect you, you need professional help before you experience anything bad.

To keep you or your employees from feeling burnout, you can use Competency Management System from HashMicro. This system will help you to improve your employee performance so that they will contribute more to company as well as eliminate their burnout. It also has many benefits, such as improve staff skills, develop their potentials, efficient HR planning, and measurable performances. By using this system, you will get information about employee productivity easily. Therefore, you can identify which employees are experiencing burnout to recommend proper training. Schedule a free demo now to implement this system in your business immediately.

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