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The Importance of Building a Mindset to Achieve Success at Work

As of November 2021, the world population reaches 7,91 billion. That many people certainly have different perspectives on everything. For example, A likes when it rains because it can make their plants grow better, while B considers rain a hassle because it causes traffic jams. These various opinions are formed from the mindset. In general, a mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you perceive the world and yourself.

Not only related to trivial things, but mindset also applies in the world of work. For example, C doesn’t like working under pressure because they think it will only stress them out and smother their creativity. Meanwhile, D prefers to work under pressure because it will make them more motivated. Usually to equate the mindset of its workers the company can use HRM software


To understand what a mindset is, read the explanation below, which discusses its meaning and types. We will also tell you about ways to build it and things that affect it.

What is Mindset?


Mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by one or more people. A mindset can also be seen as arising out of a person’s worldview or philosophy of life. It affects how someone thinks, feels, and behaves in any situation.

Types of Mindset

1. Growth mindset

A growth mindset is a belief that one’s abilities can be improved through training and effort. It is very helpful in the world of work, where you will be more open to self-development and believe that you can become a better person. Mindset can influence everything, such as your reaction to feedback from your boss and your willingness to take on a new project.

A new task or project is a challenge for employees because it requires them to get out of their comfort zone and learn a lot of new things. However, do you know that learning new skills is crucial for advancing your career? It can boost your confidence and help you grow as a professional. Sometimes, in order to reduce costs, companies hire employees who can do several jobs at once that are still related to their duties and responsibilities. So, it is important that you hone your current skills and become an expert in your field. (Other than recruiting experts, one of companies’ efforts to save costs is using ERP Software.)

2. Fixed mindset

The fixed mindset is a belief that our intelligence, character, and creativity are innate from birth. People who have fixed mindsets believe that those traits are essentially unchangeable. If an employee has this frame of mind, they most likely avoid taking too many risks.

In organizations filled with people having fixed mindsets, the members are usually too busy proving their intelligence and competing with one another. As a result, development and innovation in the organization will be hampered. In fact, when a person with a fixed mindset makes a mistake, they likely don’t want to take responsibility because they see the mistake as an irreparable flaw. They don’t believe in growth and consider every suggestion a criticism.

Ways to Build a Growth Mindset


1. Make room for growth

Coaching is an effective method to develop your talent pool. It involves people who are experienced (coaches) helping people who are learning (coachees) in sharing their knowledge and values appropriate to the work environment. It encourages employees to think critically, see things from multiple viewpoints, and use available resources to solve challenges. Through coaching sessions, they also learn to ask meaningful questions, identify their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and inspire others.

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2. Build a learning culture

Change brings discomfort because it is a disruption of our daily routine. However, change can also be good. People with growth mindsets see challenges as opportunities for growth. With determination and hard work, you can develop your abilities. Set goals for your long-term personal development, such as learning new skills or turning weaknesses into strengths.

In addition to self-evaluation, you can also ask for advice from your colleagues or boss about what needs to be improved. Set aside time each month to go over it and see what you need to do to achieve your goals. Another way to improve your employee performance to meet the standards desired by the company is using Competency Management Software.

3. Build resilience

With a growth mindset, you will often think outside the box and work outside your comfort zone. At some point, you may find yourself under more pressure than usual. To prevent burnout, you can take the necessary steps to ensure you feel strong mentally and physically.

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Things That Affect Mindset

1. Environment

Our surroundings shape our mindset. In this case, surroundings mean people we interact with at home, in the educational environment, at work, or in other organizations. However, for most people, the earliest influence on mindset comes from the home environment, particularly parents’ behavior.

2. Experience

Past experiences are the things that have influenced a person’s life to date. These events can be positive or negative. Make the experience you have as a guide for the future. Look at the values and lessons learned during your life journey.


In everyday life, especially at work, having growth it will benefit you more. It is because a growth mindset helps you deal with the challenges you face when learning something new or honing a skill. This mindset can be built in the right way.


One way to form a mindset is through coaching. You can use HashMicro’s HRM Software to manage coaching schedules and monitor employee performance with key performance indicator (KPI) management. With the help of our software, you can carry out human resource development programs more efficiently.

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Viandita Shaquina Arlan
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