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Best HRM Software for Singaporean Companies

HR responsibilities are no longer limited to behind-the-counter taking care of piles of documents. With the internet, HR has developed into a technology-savvy department that utilizes the best HRM software in carrying out its responsibilities. Cloud HRM software is an online solution that is useful for processing data from all human resource operations in an organization. Along with this globalization era, HRD must be able to fulfill dynamic company needs. Innovating and transforming through the latest HR technology can develop complex operational systems into factors in driving business.

What is Cloud HRM?

Cloud technology has helped individuals and organizations to use technology to reduce and simplify day-to-day administrative tasks such as secure payroll on a virtual platform. A cloud-based HR management (HRM) system is fully supported by external providers, accessed online by employees and managers, and standardized directly across the company. Most companies have switched to and are using hybrid systems, with some HR processes being done on a cloud basis.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Cloud HRM features

Payroll Management

Automatically calculate salaries, bonuses, commissions, job benefits based on working time, overtime, and attendance.

Employee Portal

Managing more than hundreds to thousands of employees has never been easier to pay extra for adding employee data. Manage your employees and group them by predefined categories.

Online Attendance

Make it easy for employees to do attendance online from a cell phone without using an attendance machine.

Monitor Performance

Monitor employee productivity and provide KPI-based assessments to improve their performance.

Leave Management

Simplify the process for applying for employee leave, automate the update of leave allowances, and manage other conditions with ease.

Cost Optimization

Manage cash advances, allowances, reimbursement, and others quickly and generate reports accurately.

New Employee Recruitment

Manage job portals, resumes, candidate tracking, screening processes, communications, and test schedules in one platform.

Employee Transition Management

Increase employee productivity by managing job workflows, transfer processes, promotions, and demos effectively.

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Here are some of the advantages of using the best HRM software

Recruitment efficiency

One of the core functions of the HR department is recruitment, which is a challenging task, which involves processing resumes, scheduling interviews, and selecting candidates. By facilitating HR in the candidate screening and recruitment process using the Applicant Tracking System, businesses can avoid inefficiencies. Cloud computing software is designed so that most processes occur in the cloud and are accessed from any device. In this situation, much of the recruitment-related process takes place online in an efficient manner.

Centralized management system

Manage everything in one place with cloud-based HR software. So no matter the size of your business, you can access essential data from wherever you are. The HRIS system has excellent adaptability to meet your business needs.

Saving time

Using software reduces the number of administrative tasks you will need to perform. Automate repetitive administrative tasks, so the HR team can work effectively because the cloud-based HR system manages a lot for you.

Increase security

HR Cloud is designed to protect and secure customer data. This means that employee data is entirely safe in the system. You have complete control over user access and will help keep unwanted users away from personal information.


HRM system

HR cloud can help improve communication efficiency in the workplace. Companies need to work hard in establishing free-flowing communication and creating a mutually supportive environment. This software can minimize errors and miscommunication due to human errors that will often occur. Because HR is related to each department, the best HRM software will help all parts of your company work better.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

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