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The Importance of Attitude in the Work Environment

You must have often heard the word attitude. Attitude is related to a person’s mentality which influences and also determines his or her manner in responding to something. This happens because the person is willing to act according to character without thinking about the impact. In addition, this is also related to an object and a person’s attitude towards that object, both positive and negative. Human resource (HR) can assess employees who work well by using HRIS essentials software.


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Definition of Attitude

Attitude means that a person’s behavior, attitudes, and behavior when interacting with other people are also related to their attitudes. To achieve the greatest potential within yourself, you must be able to set your attitude because it affects all aspects of life. It also determines how you see the world, as well as how the world sees you. Of course, you have the choice to decide how to behave towards something.

Everyone must have experienced negative and unpleasant things in their life. For that, you must realize that the main thing you need to think about is not what happens to you, but how you respond to it. If an employee does not have a good attitude, then there may be dismissal of him based on leadership policies. Many experts argue that all evil in the world stems from a bad attitude from someone.

The Importance of Attitude in Career

Attitudes have an important role in your career. Your It will affect the people around you, the work environment, and also your career. In addition, a person’s behavior can also be affected by the surrounding environment. It is also related to a person’s conscience in behavior. The following are some of the important roles of attitude towards career:

Attitude more important than hard skills

When working, it will take some hard skills to complete a job. To get hard skills, it’s an easy thing because you just need to learn and practice. But to change your attitude, this is not an easy thing because you need to change your habits, let alone the attitude you want to change is very significant. Therefore, someone who has a good attitude will be pleasant to his co-workers. What’s more, people who behave well will easily adapt in any environment.

This will be the object of assessment from the recruiter when recruiting someone. Recruiters will prefer someone with a good attitude over someone with good hard skills but a bad attitude. People who have a humble attitude and good personality are a good thing for the company and employees so that they are always ready to complete work for the benefit of the company.

Compactness and solid because of attitude

It will indirectly affect how one respects and appreciates other people who can make a team compact and also have an impact on increasing company productivity. This cohesiveness occurs because the company needs employees who have good attitudes and communication so that all work becomes effective and company productivity increases.

Application of Attitude in the World of Work

Implementing a good attitude in the world of work is not easy. For that, you need several steps in implementing a good work attitude. To apply it, you will experience some problems because it is difficult to change your daily habits. Therefore, you need a serious intention to become a better person so that you can get past this problem. Here are some steps to apply a good attitude in the world of work:

Time discipline

Time is important in the world of work. Therefore, you need to ensure that all work-related matters must be completed on time. With time discipline, you will feel comfortable and not pressured when working. It also shows that you are fully committed to the job and also work professionally. To manage time, you can use the Timesheet Management System which can monitor employee time.

Respect coworkers

To be a quality employee, you must respect your co-workers, superiors, subordinates, and clients. With this attitude, you show that you are working professionally and that you are good at work.

Accept criticism

Take all the words of others as constructive criticism to change yourself for the better, especially when it comes to performance. You probably don’t realize when you have a bad attitude, criticism from others is a good thing for you.

Committed to work

A company can run well because all aspects of the company can run well. When you show commitment at work, it doesn’t just affect the individual, but the entire company. In addition to the work environment, you can also commit to other environments such as society, and so on. To make your work easier, you can use the ERP System from HashMicro.

Don’t gossip

The office is a place to work, not gossip. Therefore, do not do things outside of work in the office. Take advantage of your time to work and be productive at the office.


Courtesy is a good attitude in the world of work. Not only be polite to co-workers, but also to clients. Actually this you should do not only in the work environment but to everyone you meet. Because being polite does not harm at all and earns you the respect of others.

Pay attention to appearance

Companies must have their own rules for their employees in dressing. You don’t have to always be neat when you come to the office, just look polite and not messy. Also, avoid wearing tight and transparent clothes to avoid a bad image from others.

Be professional

Of course, everyone has their own problems. But when you get to the office, you better forget about your problems for a moment and focus on work. Show a good attitude when you are in the work environment because negative things will hinder you from working and the company’s productivity will also decrease.


If an advantage and skill can be learned, then the attitude is difficult to change. Because this is related to the habits that have been done every day. It is very difficult to change one’s attitude because of many factors. And to change it, it will take a long time because you need to be consistent in doing it. By showing a good attitude, you can get a promotion and occupy a higher position.


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