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Getting to Know About Advertorial in Marketing Strategy

Have you ever seen an article that discusses a product in-depth? There are many articles like this on news portals and magazines. Not only products and services, but the article also discusses an activity carried out by certain parties. Maybe some of you do not know that this article is an advertisement. This ad is referring to the advertorial. What exactly is an advertorial, and what are its types?

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Advertorial Meaning

Advertorial advertising comes from the words “advertising” and “editorial.” From this, we can conclude that advertorial is an advertising content published in magazines, newspapers, or websites whose presentation is in a journalistic style. The writing format is very similar to other editorials, so it’s difficult to tell which is ordinary news and an advertorial. However, this is still a paid ad intended to promote something.

Considering that an advertorial is a form of advertising written using a journalistic writing style, writing contains six news elements, namely 5W1H. Usually, to distinguish which news is original and an advertorial, we can pay attention to the end of the sentence. At the end of the advertorial, there is usually the “adv” code. This code shows the advertorial writing form. Major media include the code, but some also create a special section for advertorial.


Benefits of Advertorials

Advertorials have the benefit of standardizing information and messages in subtle terms. In addition, the discussion is clear, concise, and easily understood by the general public. The advantages of advertorials, when compared to promotions in general, can be seen from their delivery. The content presented is more in-depth and informative. So that the audience will still get new info even though it is advertising content. The reason is that the advertisement is more attractive to the audience because of how the promotion explains the product/service.

In today’s digital age, advertorial advertising is a part of a content marketing strategy. The nature of this advertisement can also make readers more comfortable because it gives the impression that they are not being forced to buy the product/service in the ad. If a brand can create content that readers love and provide subtle promotional elements, it will be more attractive. You can also take advantage of the CRM system to facilitate fast and effective customer management so that your company can run various promotions without difficulty.

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Types of Advertorial


Product ads

Product ad is probably the type of advertisement you see the most in magazines or online media. This type of writing provides a discussion of the products. You can discuss the brand, style, quality, and availability of these products, including the latest product models from well-known brands. For example, an article discusses the latest shoes from a famous foreign brand.

Service ads

Service ads are similar to product ads. The difference is that service advertisements discuss services that businesses offer to the public. The topics also vary, ranging from the type, method, and quality of the services provided. We can usually find these service advertisements in specific communities. For example, an article discusses the service quality of shipping companies in Singapore. Your service business can also take advantage of the service industry ERP system to automate business processes to maximize profits from marketing.

Corporate ads

In addition to promoting products/services, there is also an advertorial that discusses an ongoing activity. These ads are corporate ads. Corporate ads discuss the existence of a company, both private and government-owned. The topic of writing in corporate advertising is usually about the company’s activities. For example, an article contains a charitable activity that a company does.

Government ads

Corporate activities and government activities are also often included in advertorial articles. Government advertorial advertisements present various discussions about activities related to government. Advertorial advertising, as we know, has the following characteristics: informative, explanatory, interpretative, persuasive, argumentative, influential, and explorative. So that in government advertisements, it explains in detail the services or activities that take place in those certain environment.

Tips Before Creating Advertorial

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download skema harga software erp

Know the most suitable media

Before creating an advertorial ad, finding the most suitable media for publishing the advertisement is essential. Starting from print magazines, online media, newspapers, or other publications. The question may arise, why do we have to choose the type of media we will use? The answer is simple. We must adapt the media to the persona and image of the business brand. This adjustment can make advertisements more easily delivered to potential consumers according to the target market.

Pay attention to the content length

]In print media, the length of the article certainly affects the advertising price. The longer the content, of course, the higher the price. While in online media, the length of the article also affects the readability of the audience. For that, you need to consult with the author to find a writing strategy, including the right content and content length.

Make sure to convey the information clearly

Using advertorial is not just about explaining the products or services that businesses offer in articles. Advertorial should convey critical information about the product/service without feeling too long and tedious. Because the article’s content is too wordy, readers will not get the information they should get optimally. Likewise, if it’s too short, readers may not get all the information they need after reading the entire ad.

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Advertorial advertising is advertising content published in magazines, newspapers, or websites presented in a journalistic style. This type of advertising consists of product, service, corporate, and government advertisements. The natural nature of this type of advertisement can also make the reader more comfortable because it has the impression that it does not force them to buy the product/service in the ad. 

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