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5 Ways Your Business Can Adapt to the New Normal

The new normal has become a popular term within the past few months. Before being associated with COVID-19, it was also used during the 2007-2008 financial crisis and after the 2008-2012 global recession. The term implies that something that was previously abnormal is now considered normal.

In the current situation, dealing with the new normal means that we must be prepared to adapt to the various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and even the virus itself. Although new cases of the virus are still reported, the economy must be revived. Therefore, businesses must start operating again.

Many businesses are affected by COVID-19 and bear losses during the circuit breaker period. Since the government has planned to end the circuit breaker measures on June 1, now is the time to plan the revival of your business. Below are some tips for getting your business ready for the new normal.

1. Safeguard the health and safety of employees

We all know that the pandemic is not over yet. Some experts say that we might keep dealing with this situation at least until the end of the year. Therefore, health practices must still be implemented regularly.

You must keep practicing physical distancing in your office. Provide masks, hand sanitizers and hand soaps for everyone. Remind all your employees to maintain cleanliness regularly. Consider providing lunch so your employees don’t have to have it outside the office.

Pay attention to the health of your employees. Ask those who are sick to rest at home. Senior employees, the ones over the age of 45, should be allowed to work from home. Also, consider staggering work schedules to minimize the number of employees in a space at one time.

2. Navigate the new normal with automation

Since physical distancing in the office  must be practiced, business processes should be automated. Therefore, face-to-face communication can be minimized. HashMicro’s ERP software helps automate and integrate all your business operations, covering from accounting, sales, and procurement, to inventory and HR management, and many more.

Leveraging ERP software helps your business adapt to the new normal more easily. You can monitor the work of your employees without having to be in the same office space with them. Everyone who is granted access can collaborate with each other using the same platform without having to meet face to face.

3. Look for new opportunities

Find out if there are any new opportunities for your business to grow. While some businesses are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in negative ways, some others are getting new opportunities due to high demand. Now that you know that you must adapt to changing consumer behavior, so ask yourself, if there is any solution that you can offer to your customers, to help them deal with difficulties after the circuit breaker.

4. Reconnect with clients

You may have lost communication with clients during the circuit breaker period. Now is the time to re-establish your relationships with them. Make sure that your team follows up on unresponded leads’ inquiries.

Use HashMicro’s CRM system to help you keep track of  your sales progress. Are there any unclosed deals? Which clients need to be followed up immediately? When was the last time your sales reps contacted the leads they were handling? How was your lead’s response to the quotation you had sent?

5. Reboot your supply chain

We know that you want to return to your full capacity to the way it was before, but that can’t be done instantly. The demand may have drastically changed. Your customers may have shifted their interest to other types of services or products. Therefore, your inventory must be in accordance with the new demand. And, if you are a manufacturer, you must make a strategic plan so that your production capacity won’t exceed demand.

Assess your stock management. Make sure not to procure wrong items. Don’t purchase low-selling items. Use the right inventory management app to make it easier for you to accurately analyze demand based on on-hand inventory.

COVID-19 has impacted businesses differently. Some are negatively impacted, some can survive because they could keep operating and fulfilling demands during the circuit breaker period. Reviving your business in the new normal can’t be done in a short time, but with an optimistic mindset and consistent efforts, not only will your business get recovered, but it will also become stronger than ever.

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